Moto G4 poor performance

I am concerned that RW will tell me to do a factory re-boot, I’m not really comfortable with this, I am not very tech smart. I just want to warn other people that my MotoG4 that I purchased 18 months ago is “WACKING OUT!” My pics are frequently blurry----one of the main reasons I purchased the phone. It blinks on and off and other weird stuff…sometimes I can’t text, it keeps putting random words in my text & I can’t delete them.
This phone is not my original NEW phone, I had to change the “CDMA”/“GSM” I was sent a USED phone when that got changed. I had to change that because I had very little coverage in my area.

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

If the phone is entering text that you didn’t type and performing other strange stunts without your touch, the possible causes are a rogue app or a hardware defect. In order to determine that it’s a hardware defect and whether a warranty would apply, the phone would need to be factory reset and tested with no third-party apps installed.

If you’ll let us (or the support team) know why you are not comfortable factory resetting the phone, and what your concerns are, someone would be able to guide you through the process, addressing those specific concerns.


Thank you for your reply. Phone is doing better, if it starts behaving quirky, I power it off & it’s ok for a while.
Re: factory reset,…from my understanding, all your info is removed and you have to start over…I had a TERRIBLE time transferring my info when I received my new phone:(. I will admit, I am NOT good with technology. You guys have helped me on several occasions, and I’m sure I have tried your patience. I do appreciated the great service you provide. Anyway, bottom line, I can just deal with it for now, I just felt that after just 18 mo., a new phone should not be misbehaving :confused:

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Thank you for the kind words, @jeanb.01d11j,

You’re right, a factory reset can be a bit of a big deal if you’re not prepared. I hope you are letting the Photos app back up your photos automatically when you’re on Wi-Fi, and syncing your contacts to Google through the contacts app so that some of your personal content is preserved if you should lose or damage the phone.

The idea around asking you to factory reset for the quirkiness is that if it’s something covered by the warranty, you’d have to transfer all your info to a replacement phone anyway. But at 18 months, your warranty is probably no longer in effect.

I’m glad to read that rebooting helps for a while and makes it somewhat manageable for you. If we can help further, please let us know.

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