Moto G4 Purchase


Hi all: I currently have a Moto G4 16GB I purchased in 2016. Its about 18 months old and I love the phone but the battery is slowly losing its ability to hold a charge all day. I’m thinking about getting in on the B&H Photo Moto G4 deal and getting an exact replacement. I’ve probably got about 6 months of usability of this old phone so I’ll just store the new one and activate it this summer.

Question: Would Republic say at some point, “sorry we are no longer activating Moto G4’s on our system anymore” at some point? Is that something I should worry about?




I don’t believe this is anything you need be concerned about. Republic still activates older legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) on its network, so I highly doubt a stored G4 wouldn’t be able to be activated in a six-month timeframe.


O.K. thank you!


Something to consider though, would be: six months from now, what newer phone could you get for this same price?

Edited to add: plus, the replacement phone’s manufacturer’s warranty will be halfway over by the time you first use it, and the G4 has seen its share of manufacturer warranty concerns.


Also, that B&H deal of free service for 6 months is for new customers of RW.


one should also note that warranty (1 year OEM) start right away, even on stored phones (it may be better to just use the new phone and keep the old one as a backup (assuming it’s not a defy)


Its a Moto G4 16gb. O.K. if that’s the case then yea, I’ll activate the new one now so under warranty and keep the old one as a backup.


O.K. I didn’t think of that! I’ll take that into consideration.


You might want to consider the 32GB version for just $10 more.