Moto G4 quit sending and receiving texts off wifi?

What phone do you have? MotoG4

What plan are you on? My choice +1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB data. It isn’t working on with data avlb either

Issue Description

I was traveling the UP of Michigan where cell signals are very spotty. Text and data were working fine then suddenly quit. I have tried network reset, but not factory reset. What are my options and if I do a factory reset what happens to my pics and texts?

Hi @janinem.nbcy90

Can you please share a city or ZIP code where you experienced no or little coverage?

Please open the Republic Wireless app and touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen. Select “About”.
For SIM type do you see GSM or CDMA?


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It says it is “GSM”. I can’t really give you a zip code where it didn’t work if you’re familiar with northern Michigan I was traveling us to along Lake Michigan to get from the bridge to Wisconsin. That route goes in and out of signal the entire duration of the probably 200 miles. I forgot to mention the other thing that would not work when I did have a signal was my data that to even in a signal area now does not work. So I am unable to access data work cell signal and unable to receive or send texts when not on Wi-Fi.


*I was traveling US2

What does your cellular signal show? Does it have LTE or 4G on top of the signal? Does it perhaps show an “x” on top of the signal?

If it shows an “x” on the signal, I would recommend

I’m sorry I’m not not sure what you’re asking. The cell signal just has Republic under it. It’s in the shape of a triangle with the right angle to the bottom right. I may not be seeing it as I stated right now my data off wi-fi does not work.

I tried the reactivation link sent by amitl and that did not work either.

In the ”UP” of Michigan i know there are many places one will be roaming and some roaming partners do not provide data (republic does not allow for user data while roaming to keep cost down but uses some for republic services;Ike texting, but some roaming partners do not provide data and when that happens texting will not work)

Thank you. Yes I understand that. I didn’t make myself very clear. The problem began while driving thru the UP, but I am no longer going through the UP. I reached my destination in WI which has signal and I am still not able to send/receive texts unless on WI-FI and my data still doesn’t kick in when off Wi-Fi.

Thank you all for continuing to try and help me out.

I have done a network reset, pulled out the SiM card and put it back in, did the re activation steps, I’ve checked settings that I could think of to see if it had been blocked somehow. I’ve called Motorola tech service, they said it had to be a carrier issue after trying several steps to solve it. I have almost all of my GB available in my data plan this month, but when if I didn’t I should still be able to text over cell signal - I cannot. I hope that better explains my situation.


Since you have the GSM T-Mobile SIM, you may need to try restarting your phone as you travel through areas with different towers. This worked good for me last week when traveling by train through several states. Each time I lost cell signal, I did a restart. It was a high percentage that the re start brought me a cell signal. This is covered in Tips and Tricks If you have a GSM SIM and no service or emergency service only, this tip might be helpful
Hope this will help in your situation, as you have already performed most of the reset options.

When you have wifi off, are there any letters near the signal bars? Like LTE or H or R?

When wifi was off there was no letter. With it on I had a little R. I finally broke down and did a factory reset. It’s working now, but lost my phone number. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to restore that. Thank you all for trying to help.


Open a ticket and tell the reps you need to get your phone number back after you had reset your phone.

Resetting your phone does not cause you to lose your number. The likelihood you simply haven’t reinstalled the Republic and opened it after the reset. Doing so will fix the issue. Please don’t open a ticket for this issue.

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Hi @janinem.nbcy90,

A factory reset doesn’t in and of itself change your phone number. Have you updated then opened the Republic app after the reset?


I did, thank you. I opened a ticket and will complete the process when I get on wifi. The problem is two way - my number doesn’t show correctly to others and if someone tries to call me it says not in service.

If the inbound side isn’t working you’ve got some other issue entirely. An in combination with the other symptoms leads me down a specific road. When you go here: do you see your phone there? Is there any message at the top of the screen?

The reason I advised to open a ticket is that that OP said after the factory reset that :

I know a reset will in of itself not give you a new phone number, but if you go thought the setup in the RW app and are not careful one can go the route of getting a new phone# (which is what I think the OP did).
They also state:

Which sounds like the NEW number is showing to the callers.
Is the “not in service” when they are calling the original number?

If I’m mistaken, I’m sorry… but that’s how I’m reading it.
Just trying to help like ya all :slightly_smiling_face:

A factory reset does not cause you to have to reactivate in that way. You simply open the app, there’s no activation step, no chance to activate as new.

The only way those steps are presented is if the SIM is actually deactivated, such as for non-payment or by cancellation.

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Yes I did open the ticket and through that resolved my issues. Thanks

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