Moto G4 replacement


Hi all,. I’ve been using the Moto G4 for the past year or so and got a crack today so time to replace it. One major issue I’ve had on the G4 is several of my most important apps take forever to load… Ex ebay, camera, Amazon music, etc. They literally take a minute + to load sometimes even with everything else closed. I am assuming this is probably a ram issue… Can someone confirm and/or recommend an upgrade under $200 preferably.


Here is a link to an excellent replacement, with twice the ram of your G4, but there are very few of these left at this price. The Thread gives info on how to search for one:

G5+ 64GB $199 at Walmart

If you can’t find that, the next best option, with 50% more ram, is the G5S+ 32GB which is widely available at Best Buy and various on line stores for $229.

Be aware that the G5+ 32GB (as opposed to the G5S+) doesn’t have more ram than your current phone.

I hope that all makes sense.


Yes that all makes sense thank you! With that being said do you think it is the RAM causing my issues or with the other upgraded specs of the normal G5 would that be enough with 2gb ram? Im purely guessing that is the issue initially. Thank you!


It’s got to be somewhat better with a faster processor but I don’t know if that is enough. Any G5 Plus 32GB owners out there?


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