Moto G4 running Nougat- manual distance focus rear camera?


In standard SLR cameras, one can set the focus distance manually, so that for instance objects roughly 4ft away (or 6 ft away, etc) are in focus, and anything closer or further away is fuzzy.

For my Moto G4 running Nougat, Autofocus in the default Camera app handles most problems. I just drag the square-inside-the-circle overlay to the portion of the picture I’d like to focus on and it takes care of the rest.

But I ran into a situation where I wanted to focus on an object six feet away, that was behind a fishnet, about four feet away from me. The autofocus would only lock in on the fish net, leaving the object I really wanted to see fuzzy.

With my old camera, I could just set the focus manually to 6ft and be all set. Is there a setting or an app that will let me do the same with my Moto G4?


Hi @chrisber

I’m guessing you are aware of the camera settings in the G4, but if not…

There are many 3rd Party camera apps in the playstore that may allow you to set the focus distance.

Good luck and let us know if you find one that works for you.


Thanks. I’ve tried the lite version of Camera FV5, which, per User Guide, offers a Manual Focus and Macro Focus, which would be what I need. Those options are shown in the manual, but they are the only two that don’t show up as Focus options when I run the app. (And as far as I can tell, the Lite/Free version doesn’t explicitly exclude those options.)



I am not a photographer @chrisber, hopefully someone with a better understanding of the technology will come along and provide you with more pertinent insight.

(edit: I did notice in the paid version on the app store page it explicitly states " Manual Focus and Macro Focus"…so it very well may be a ‘pro-version’ perk).


Manual focus control requires that the phone expose the Camera2 API to developers. Unfortunately Moto hasn’t done that. You won’t be able to get manual focus unless Motorola adds it to their own app.


I knew someone would have specifics. Thanks @louisdi. :relaxed:


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