MOTO G4 screen flicker starts when charging

Lenovo’s G4 is widely known to screen flicker uncontrollably often when charging. Lenovo refuses to accept responsibility for these failures. Typical of manufacturers these days. IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMATURE, DEFENSIVE. This is clearly a hardware/software issue probably centered around the charger circuit. Neither MOTO, LENOVO or REPUBLIC admits to the issue, nor does any of them offer refund/replacement - which is what an honest company would do. Very discouraging to see high tech companies do everything possible to avoid responsibility. It seems these people consider themselves ABOVE criticism - if anything goes wrong with a product or service - it is YOUR fault! Self-centered,Grandiose, self-will run riot. IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMATURE, DEFENSIVE. Grow up, Lenovo, and FIX your poorly designed G4s!!

Please open a help ticket for this. You are posting on a customer forum. Republic Wireless will help you with this issue and, if it is a warrantable issue, will also help you with replacement options.

You can open a help ticket here:

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