Moto G4 screen "jitters" and starts cycling all apps -- uncontrollable


My wife’s Moto G4 screen works some of the time. Then it randomly starts to “jitter” and then starts to cycle through various apps randomly. It is impossible to stop this. The only thing that can be done is to force it off and reboot. It will then work again – for a while. Then the whole process starts over again.


IYour phone is likely defective and if it is, and was purchased less than 12 months ago, you can get it repaired or replaced under warranty.

In order to verify that this is a hardware issue, you’ll need to factory reset the phone. The instructions for performing a factory reset are here: Factory Reset – Republic Help

If after your factory reset, and before you even add back your Google account to the phone, the issue is continuing, you’ll know that it is a hardware issue.

If the phone is NOT having the problem after the restart, go ahead and add back your Google account, but don’t add your apps. If the problem returns and you haven’t added your apps back, this also shows that you have a hardware issue.


Thanks fro the reply. As noted, the phone was defective and has been replaced. Not an easy ordeal but we did work through it and emerged with our sanity intact. Just!


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