Moto G4 screen typing issues

My Moto G4 touch screen often has ghost typing. When I first bought the phone, the fake typing occurred when plugged in. Now it happens many times a day. It makes the phone unusable when it is most severe. Hunting around on the Internet I encountered many others with this issue but not a solution.

By ghost typing or fake typing I mean the screen starts taking actions like I was touching the screen in a spot. If the keyboard is up typically it will begin entering “8” continuously even though I am not touching screen. I took off the screen protector early on but that did not help any.

Usually I turn off screen, rub it, turn screen back on. Then it is operable for a while.

I am very close to abandoning phone.

Otherwise I really like the service and want to like the phone.

I recommend you contact Motorola about this:

ms110621 - Motorola Support

Hi @ronaldm.gl2dsv,

There have been enough reports of this to suggest you are unfortunately dealing with a defective phone that will ultimately need replacement. The definitive method of establishing that is a factory reset without restoring any third party apps. If the phone continues to behave as described without restoring third party apps, it will need to be replaced under manufacturer’s warranty.

If you purchased the phone from Republic, they will assist. To ask for that assistance, please raise a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. If you purchased your phone from a third party retailer, you will need to work directly with Motorola as suggested by @billg.

Either way, might as well do the factory reset first. It’s a required step to establish a warranty claim. Here’s how: Factory Reset.

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