Moto G4 slow after Android 7.0 (Nougat) update

After upgrading my Moto G4 to Android 7.0 (build NPJ25.93-14), I noticed a definite slowdown in the UI, particularly Messaging. I turned off word suggestions and letter popup which helped somewhat. But the UI is still noticeably slower across the entire phone.

The Moto G4 is a 2016 mid-range phone. Seems to me it should be able to handle Android 7.0, but maybe not.

Does anyone have suggestions for speeding up the UI? It’s so slow sometimes that it’s almost unusable…

Thanks in advance.

See if it is still slow in Safe Mode. It might be bogged down by an app.

My personal opinion, when going though a major update to the system such as Android 6 to Android 7, I personally like to start over fresh.

One option you have is to back up all your data such as pictures, videos, text messages, etc and do a factory reset. This will clear the phone so you can start from a fresh slate on the new update. Then you can re-evaluate what you use and need and start only loading apps you really use keeping things running slim and fast.

Thanks to you both for your replies. The phone is definitely faster in safe mode, although my downloaded apps are inaccessible. When I reboot the phone again it’s fast for a little while, but eventually goes back to being slow as molasses. :frowning: But at least that confirms your theory that an app running in the background is slowing it down.

I will try the factory reset suggestion.


If an app is bogging it down, and if the apps are restored after a factory reset, then that might not help. Apps are easy to uninstall and reinstall.

I did a factory reset yesterday and only reinstalled the apps I use frequently. So far everything is running well. The slowness is gone, and everything is nice and responsive.

So I probably had a (little-used) app that was running in the background unbeknownst to me, and causing everything to run super slow.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update. Thank you both for your help.

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