Moto G4 & spouse has moto x4

What phone do you have? moto g4 & motox4

What plan are you on? my choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

We hardly get cell service when there is no WiFi. I have had to travel this last couple of months and if there is no WiFi available I hardy get any cell service. What can I do to fix this.

  • If you would provide your Zipcode a check to see which would be the best carrier for you T-Mobile GSM or Sprint CDMA
  • Also please provide which SIM you are both currently using

Moto G4 csm

Thanks, did you check the X4?

I can’t find it on my husband’s phone

Hi @jackiej,

It looks like coverage in your area is stronger on Sprint’s network than on T-Mobile’s, and it seems your phones are currently provisioned for T-Mobile’s network.

You can request a SIM card that will allow us to provide your Republic Wireless service on Sprint’s network by following the instructions here:

There’s no charge for the replacement SIM cards, your plan doesn’t change, your phone number doesn’t change, and none of your personal content is lost when you change SIM cards.

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I sent the email…thanks

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