Moto G4 startup process is incredibly loud

How do I mute this?

Could you elaborate what steps you are actually taking that result in the ‘incredibly loud’ and what is, that are you actually hearing that is loud? This may help someone to replicate the problem and offer a solution/understanding

I think you have installed an app that is auto-loading and making noise. Restart the phone in Safe Mode to find out if this is the case.

Safe Mode

With the Nougat update, when the G4 starts up, the music and announcement of “Hello Moto” can seem loud. To mute this, open your phones settings, scroll down to Sound and tap on it. You will see an option for Power up Sound. You will be able to turn it off by sliding the button to the left.

Good to know … the Moto X Pure doesn’t share this ‘feature’ thankfully

It will likely gain said feature, whenever Motorola gets around to blessing the MXP with Nougat.

Yes, and thanks to @grandbobby I will know how to turn it down

You can also turn the sound partially, or all the way down, by going to the Sound setting and using the Media volume adjustment

Thank you @grandbobby , your original suggestion takes care of the issue and it’s easy…

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