Moto G4 touchscreen glitches

Glad to hear fellow RW customers, have great experiences with their phones!
I have not had that same experience,but I feel a glimmer of hope,upon reading a good luck story!! P.L.

Hi @peterl.gawc16!

Welcome back!

Would you mind letting us know which phone you have and what’s happening with the device? We would love to help you have a better experience with your phone if we can!


I have been using my second MOTO G4 for 2 years now. I don’t know, but maybe this phone, has an inherent Touch Screen flaw?! The reason I am sticking with my second phone is, Getting it was like
Running and jumping through hoops, and then paying an additional $25 in advance for This replacement. I’m older and

hate wasting or squandering money…this phone Must last me until


Now on the other hand,as You know, I’ve been with RW almost from it’s onset!!

WHY- It’s valued within my Budget. I would like to take

Advantage of the Annual Customer Service Plan,but

NOT if it will effect My current Phone Plan, which I fear would ultimately be more costly! Can You Help with this issue?

Peter L.

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Hi @peterl.gawc16!

Thanks for the reply and being a loyal Republic member! I can definitely understand the frustration with your phone and wanting to save money!

First off, let me get this moved to a new thread. @southpaw could you split this off?

You mentioned that the touchscreen might have an issue. Are you referring to a situation where the phone is registering touches when you aren’t actually touching the display (e.g. it opens an app or starts typing letters without you tapping the display)? If not, what exactly is happening with the device?

Out of curiosity, you mentioned that you are on your second device. What exactly happened to the first one?

The annual plan is fully compatible with your Moto G4. If you are currently paying month-to-month, you can certainly upgrade to the annual plan. It will not adversely effect your current plan. You will have the same service you had before. The only thing different about it is that you are paying for it up front as opposed to month-to-month. You can read about how to switch to the annual plan here: How to Switch to the Annual Payment Option – Republic Help .


It’s been sometime now since I got my first MOTO G4,But if I recall correctly,
The screen would erradically, wierd out and either be un-responsive to touch,or do alot of flickering, and or go to unrequested sites! It would

even double screen, like

Double exposure!

Hi @peterl.gawc16!

Thanks for the additional information!

Could you tell me what your current Moto G4 doing?

Obviously, This second MOTO G4, doesn’t act up as much as the original first one I had purchased,but I still get Frozen screen, split screens, some un- response to command. Some difficulty with dialing on the touch numbers periodically.
But not as severe as the mis-functions of the First G4… Peter L.

Hi @peterl.gawc16!

Thanks for the additional information!

One thing you can try is to run the phone in safe mode for a while and see if you continue to experience any of those issues. Safe Mode disables third-party apps so you won’t be able to use third-party apps while in safe mode. Safe Mode helps us determine if a third-party app could be causing your issues. Go ahead and run your phone for a while in safe mode and see if you experience any issues. Once you are done, reboot your phone to exit safe mode. Here’s a link on how to run the phone in safe mode: How to Enable Safe Mode on Alcatel A30, Motorola, Nexus, Google, and OnePlus 6T Phones – Republic Help .

Many but not all Moto G4s do have an inherent touchscreen flaw. Typically, it manifests itself as something known as ghost or phantom touch. If this is what is afflicting your phone(s), I’m very sorry to say it’s not something Safe mode would fix. Your description of the current G4’s behavior doesn’t explicitly match ghost touch but nonetheless you might give this a try: Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid.

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