Moto G4 Travelling to Canada, new sim card?

I understand that there is no cell coverage travelling out of the USA but one can call & text using wi-fi, at least in Canada. Has anyone purchased a sim card from Rogers or Fido to in order to have cell service in Canada for a Moto G4? Will it work? It appears the Moto G is a GSM phone & uses the same frequencies as Canada.

Hubby & I also have a Moto G1, 1.0 plan, to take with us. How much time is needed to change to the wi-fi only plan so it works when we arrive in Canada? The day before? Longer? Thank you!

not on 3.0 so not able to uses a local SIM but it should work with any Canadian GSM provider

the 1.0 plans have a near instantaneous plan change (with in minutes) as long as the phones have a data connection to any plan (not to change from the $5 plan to any other you will need WiFi)

Just to be clear…the Moto G1 will work on WiFi with or without the change to WiFi only plan.

The only thing that is affected is your ability to receive text messages that might have been

sent to you while you were away from WiFi while in Canada.

If you are flying to Canada…it would be prudent to switch at the airport…since most airports

have good WiFi. If you are driving, then any time close to the border crossing.

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

The Canadian cellular market makes the U.S. big 4 seem downright reasonable by comparison, so you might want to be prepared for some sticker shock. That said, perhaps this resource will help: Canada | Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. These folks seem pretty good but also seem to be having issues getting deliveries to the U.S.: Prepaid SIM cards for travellers visiting Canada – Similicious.

We are driving to Canada.

I will look at these links. Thank you for posting!

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