Moto G4 version 7.0

I recently dropped phone in water for a couple seconds, wiped it off, everything seems to work except the sim card. Phone says to buy new sim card, the one that came with it seem a little small. Also I inserted my old cell ph. sim in, it did recognize it, but won’t work. Should I just replace sim card or what? Thanks for any help in this matter. Hope I haven’t confused anyone.
P.K. Pittman

I’m leaving to go to nursing home for about an hour, I be back around 12 noon. thanks.

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Hi @pinckneyp.4wezoy,

If you’ll open a support ticket, our support team can send you a new SIM card that’s compatible with your phone, quickly. That’s definitely worth trying. It’s likely, though, that the SIM card reader, rather than the card itself, was damaged by the water.

You can open a ticket here:


Thanks, I’ll do that and hope it works P.K.

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