Moto G4 wont read SIM card


Got a new Moto G4 from Motorola and a SIM card from Republic. Inserted the card and phone doesnt read it. Says I need to insert a card or buy one from Republic.


Did you double check to make sure the SIM card is placed in the tray properly? Have you restarted the phone? Where did you get the G4? Where did you get the SIM?


Yes it seems to be in properly. I did restart the phone.
The phone is From Motorola. The SIM Card is from Republic.


You did use the micro size SIM versus nano?


Hi @andrewg.7hq0c0,

Sometimes we see this with the Moto G4. We’ve found that there is something of a “trick” to properly installing the SIM. The technicians tell me that it’s important to make sure the pins on the SIM card are touching the contact points on the phone.

There are three sizes to the SIM card.

The Moto G4 takes the “Micro” size. But the metal parts of the SIM are actually in the embedded “Nano” size. What you want to do is hold the SIM card so that the angled corner is top left, and gently push the bottom of the “Nano” card just a tiny bit out of the “Micro” frame it is in, so it juts out just a bit from the “Micro” adapter and the metal part can touch the contacts on the phone. (Don’t worry, if it pops all the way out, you can press it back into the frame.)

If my typed instructions don’t make sense, we have technicians who can give you a call and walk you through it. Just open a support ticket and let them know your G4 isn’t reading the SIM card and you’d like to someone to talk you through installing it.


this happened with my last phone and I broke the SIM card trying to take it out in such a way that I had to get the phone replaced.


I imagine that would make you hesitant to try fiddling with it…

If you open a support ticket, please let me know the ticket number.


Believe the actual problem results when the user has a nano card pop out rather the micro size. If the proper size there’s no real trick to inserting. If nano size is popped out in error, the micro surround can still be used if removed carefully from standard surround.


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