Moto G4 (XT 1625) stopped working



XT 1625
The headset has stopped working on my Moto G4. They used to work. Now they don’t.
I have tried several headsets-none work.
I have tested the headsets on multiple devices and they all work fine everywhere else.
I have restarted the phone. I have restarted in safe mode.
The port is clean. The headset is plugged in securely. (You can even hear the little pop as you plug and unplug them.)
Headsets are not working in any application (phone, music, web, podcasts, etc. )


You can find Motorola troubleshooting help and contact Motorola through the following link:


Hi @kalinam.seqkng

Go to your app drawer, select :motohelp: (device help) Select the “FIX” tab, then “Hardware Tests” and “Headset”.

Run that and see what it reports.


I did that: it asked me if I could hear the sound. I clicked ‘no’ and it said my headset didn’t work properly but it didn’t try to fix anything.


Hi @kalinam.seqkng

Starting to sound like you may have a hardware failure. You may want to contact Moto through the link @cbwahlstrom posted above.

You have not mentioned if you have tried the
Clearing the Cache – Republic Help procedure.

If that doesn’t work they most likely will have you preform a Factory Reset so you may want to read up on that.


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