Moto g4

I have files (txt and jpg) on Dropbox App that I want to move to the SD card. How do I create folders on the SD card? and then how do I move individual txt or jpg files to specific folders I have created on the SD card

You can download a file manager but I think the easiest way is from your PC. In the snippet below I’ve created a new folder on the SD card in my S7 using Windows 10. From the PC you can navigate to, for instance, the Download folder on the phone from which you can cut a file to paste into a folder on your SD card.

Thanks. Will try that. Right now my PC doesn’t “see” the phone. Will work on that a bit.

The G4 defaults to just charging on the USB cable. Pull down the notification shade and change the connection type.

Thanks, That was the information I needed. I was looking for some special software or driver.

You are welcome. I had a problem with this default when I was testing the G4+. I wonder if there is a way to change it. As it is, no matter what you pick, it will go back to the charge only mode the next time you connect it to a USB port.

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