Moto G5+ - After Android 8.1.0 update, missing some wifi texts, later arrive via cell network - why?


I have the Moto G5+ on Republic Wireless $20 My Choice + 1GB data plan.

After updating about a week ago to Android 8.1.0, over the last 3-4 days I noticed that sometimes I don’t get a text response as quick as I would expect based on the conversation. Then started noticing when I left the house (which prompts the phone to drop Wi-Fi and go to the cell network), I’d immediately get some texts that were clearly old. Since then while at home, I’d started to toggle from Wi-fi to cell every few hours to see if there is a pattern, and sure enough, another text or 2 will immediately come in once on the cell network.

Is there any known issue at the moment, whether related to Android 8.1.0, or just on the Republic Wireless network that would be causing this? It’s not something I ever noticed back on Android 7.x.x. I did some web searches that prompted me to check a few settings (all already correct) and even delete the data on my Android Messages (didn’t seem to help).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Does this issue happen only on your home WiFi…or all WiFi ?

In your republic wireless app, go to
Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Run diagnostic test -> Tap on “run diagnostics test”

that should give you some useful info about your ability to receive texts on WiFi.

You may also want to look at


I’d say 90% of my usage is at home since I work from home. I haven’t been out on many other wifi networks in the week, and probably not sending texts while out anyway. I do seem to remember a mass email from Republic in the past week about network problems, so was somewhat wondering if this is related to that, or if it’s related to my upgrade to Android 8.1.0, or just a coincidence that it happened this weekend (or that I just NOTICED it this weekend).

I took your advice and ran the diagnostic test. First time, it gave me 1 warning that I didn’t have a custom voicemail message. Set that up, now it shows Diagnostics that Succeeded 56, warnings 0, failed 0. On the screen before it, I also did the RESET REPUBLIC CONNECTIONS and RESET DEGRADED SERVICE CHECKS just in case they could help. I probably need to wait a few days and swap my home wifi for cellular network every few hours just to see if have any messages immediately come in when switching over to cellular network. If I don’t get any immediate messages for a few days, then I’ll feel confident it is better, and probably can then chalk it up to a temporary network issue.


Sounds good @michaelb.cscvlw ! Yes, there was a network outage and your issue could have been related to that. If that was the case, then “resetting republic connections” would have likely fixed it. I doubt it would have anything to do with the Android upgrade.

Do let us know if you continue to experience any issues.


I haven’t had any problems in the 3 days since my last post, so seems like the issue is fixed. Hard to say if it was just the known network issues, or the RESET REPUBLIC CONNECTIONS, but I’m happy to feel like things are back to normal. Thanks for your help!


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