Moto G5 and G6: If Settings:Storage fails to load, try this

Moto G5 plus, though issue has been known to occur in many G5 and G6 models.

“Settings; Storage” does not work, just shows a loading screen forever.

I searched for answers for days, and finally found one better than a factory reset.

I went into “settings; apps” and starting clearing the cache in my apps, one at a time. When I got to “Chrome,” it had almost a gig of cache and was hard to clear. I pressed “clear cache,” waited, hit “clear cache” again, backed out of the app details, went back in: cache was smaller! I cleared it 10-12x, and it took like ten minutes to get to zero, but once that was clean, “Storage” worked again.

I suppose it could be any cache-hog app, Chrome, Facebook, Amazon, etc, but the cache was definitely hanging it up.


Hi @gadgetdan,

Thanks for taking the time to write up a solution you discovered! I’ve moved your post into our Tip & Tricks category.

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