Moto g5 at Best Buy

Will the - Moto G Plus (5th Gen) 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) work with Republic Wireless?


It’s the same model sold on Republic Website Moto G5 Plus | Republic Wireless so it will work on Republic

you will need to buy a BYOD SIM to unless you already have a 3.0 phone already running on Republic’s GSM partner (T-Mobile) Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or Republic Wireless SIM Starter Kit: Cell Phones & Accessories (if you currently have a Republic phone running on the CDMA partners network that SIM can not be moved to a different phone it is just allowing the activated phone access to LTE which is link to the account and network via the phone MEID while GSM phone all this is done in the SIM)

Note all BYOD are on Republic GSM partner network while a phone purchased from Republic will get the better of the GSM partner or CDMA (Sprint) network depending on republic’s coverage checker Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

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