Moto G5+ at Costco $179.95


Costco has the Moto G5+ unlocked for $179.95 until 9/3. Is there any way I can take advantage of this if I’m in a non-BYOP area or am I just out of luck?


Hi @harolda.yeu6ja,

You would first need to activate the G5+ acquired from Costco using a BYOP SIM, which will provision for coverage with Republic’s GSM partner. Should that coverage prove inadequate, you’d then need to raise a support ticket with Republic and after some troubleshooting request a change in provisioning from Republic’s GSM partner to Sprint. Only Republic support can send the required SIM for that.

I’ll leave it to you to decide if the roughly $30 - $40 savings rather than buying the phone from Republic is worth the effort.


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