Moto G5 high rate of dead spots on cell service


Ok, I have a Moto X 1st generation I have been using for about 4 years. It needs replacing, battery will not keep a charge for more than a couple hours. The thing works almost flawless. Very few dropped calls, rarely without a cell signal. The 26 miles to work I may get a dropped call about once a month.

OK, bought a Moto G5, and that same 26 miles I have no signal about 20 percent of the time. Dropped calls about 4 to 5 times ALWAYS in that same distance. Changed preferred service (4G, LTE, ect) and a few other settings. Nothing changed service quality. That is unacceptable service, I need my phone to work.

What settings can I change that will make the G5 work like My X1? Its an area close to Marion Ohio and the X1 works great.


Sounds like your Moto G5 is provisioned for GSM coverage. Submit a help ticket and they should be able to evaluate your coverage and see if they can send you a CDMA SIM to swap out your
current GSM SIM and then you should have coverage comparable to your X1.


Agree with above. The GSM partner, TMobile, is terrible in my location as well. My wife had the exact problem with her new G5+. We submitted a help ticket and RW sent us a new SIM for Sprint. There is a process, however…so be patient. They will ask for three addresses where your phone fails. I did request that our ticket get expedited because her new phone was a brick. RW stepped up and took care of us.

I think, however, that RW needs to exercise a degree of caution and do some research prior to sending out these new phones on TMobile…to areas such as ours and yours where coverage is terrible.

Be patient…it’ll get fixed.


You might verify coverage in the areas of your commute. If it’s not showing all of the phones available, that’s an indication that CDMA (Sprint) will work better than the GSM cell partner and then a support ticket would be appropriate to request to switch to CDMA.


So this is a useful link, but a couple of observations.

  1. if I type in my zip, I am told that BYOP is not eligible for my location (GSM partner coverage)
  2. Two months ago I purchased my wife a G5+ from RW, which was sent to us with a GSM SIM. Seems odd that RW would mail me a phone with GSM when I live in GSM dead zone??
  3. If you bring up the map, the graphics merge CDMA and GSM coverage. To look at the GSM coverage specifically, might it be more useful to check out the TMobile map on their website?

Again, RW needs to exercise a bit of caution here. I appreciate the savings that they may be incuring with the GSM partner, but please, check coverage more closely. As customers, we end up with less than useful phones until the help ticket gets filed and the process makes headway. Again, hat’s off to RW for expediting my case…but, none the less, my wife’s phone was useless for several days.


Thanks for the help all. That clears things up.


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