Moto G5+ photo samples

Please share photos taken on your Moto G5+ as replies in this topic.

Remember the following guidelines:

  1. No photos of people.
  2. Keep it “rated G”, please.
  3. Submit only your own, original photos.
  4. By submitting your photo, you understand that the photo is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the photo to demonstrate phone camera quality.

Helpful information to include:

  1. A description of the environment and/or how quickly the phone was able to take the photo
  2. Any special settings or special effects you used
  3. If you used a third-party camera app, tell us about it
  4. Any post-production edits you made to the photo

Moto G5 Plus
Landscape- bright, sunlight
No alterations, captured quickly


Phone: Moto G5 Plus
Category: Animals - cloudy day, no flash
Notes: Molly the Goat; Blaine, WA 4/21/19
•f 1.7, 1/1000, ISO 64
•no special settings or effects
•default camera app
•no editing


Cold winter night.

Moto G5 Plus,
Night, no flash


Phone: Moto G5 Plus
Category: Animals - indoors, no flash
Notes: Emerald Tree Boa, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA 4/4/19
•f 1.7, 1/30, ISO 320
•no special settings or effects
•default camera app
•brightened and cropped with Google Photo Editor



Phone: Moto G5 Plus
Category: Objects - indoors, no flash
Notes: Mt. Baker Theatre; Bellingham, WA 3/16/19
•f 1.7, 1/24, ISO 640
•no special settings or effects
•default camera app
•only edit was cropping in Google Photo Editor


Landscape- using HDR.

I had a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which I LOVED, bought used from Swappa a couple years ago. This year, the battery swelled and pushed the back off, so that was the end of having a flagship with a great camera.

My dad passed in 2019, and I had his Moto X4, thankfully. That had an okay camera with some neat effects. Well, 2 months after the S7 went bad, the X4’s battery swelled and broke the phone. Bummer. And I still have my old phones from 2010 and later that still work, so 2 newer ones failing like that was a drag!

So, that brings me to today. I’m down to my Moto G5+. The sunset was so stunning, I took a detour to take pics at the beach after shopping. The sky was on fire, all magenta and orange. It was breathtaking. I opened up the camera on the G5+, looked at the screen, and was almost impressed how the hardware & software stripped all color and vibrancy from the magnificent scene in front of me. I’ll have to save this camera for taking pictures of sand, or maybe a receipt. :joy:

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