Moto G5 Plus 64GB = $199 @ Walmart


Just found an awesome deal that I hope is ok to post here. Some Walmart stores have the unlocked G5 Plus 64GB on clearance for $199! The online price is still $299, but if you check the item in the Walmart app (just search for 468426732) it’ll show you the in-store price. I found it for $199 in stock at 2 local stores. I just grabbed the last one at one of the stores for my sister-in-law. FYI - the model number isn’t listed correctly in the description. I can confirm that the box says XT1687 (compatible with RW).

Some of you may have seen my post last week where I was debating between the E4+ and G5+. This deal made it a no-brainer. :slight_smile:

Moto G Plus (5th Generation) - Lunar Gray - 64 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads
Moto G4 replacement

Yes, it is a no brainer. I just lost my brain trying to find one in Colorado. :worried: No luck. Where are you?


Bummer. Just sent you a PM with a link to check inventory.


Thanks for the effort. Brickseek found one in Denver, about an hour away. We’ll be going to the Broncos/Raiders game on Sunday, so I could have picked one up but I called the store and they no longer have any. I think I’ll go for a 32GB G5S+.


Hi @royrose
Can you buy it online? Walmart online will pull the product and send it to a store of choice for pickup or possibly local UPS USPS deliveries.

Edit: Sorry poor thought as it has to be picked up at a store.


It’s still $299 online. You have to find it in a store that has it in stock, on clearance.


I went to the local Walmart to see if they had one. They didn’t have any Motorola phone at all. Lots of Samsung phones, a couple of LGs and a couple of Apples.


Ugh. Did you check the inventory online or on the Walmart app? I have at least about a dozen stores within a half hour to 45 minutes from me and only 2 (now 1) had any left.


Sounds like a great deal. My wife and I each have Moto G 1st generation with 8GB. This would be a dramatic change for us, but I do have a question. As I understand it, if I purchase this phone from Walmart, it’s activated as a BYOP and will be GSM. If I purchase the same phone from RW and the GSM coverage doesn’t work out, RW may work with me and switch to CDMA, correct? I think that I’d rather pay a little more for a phone knowing this can be done, because I’m not sure of the GSM coverage in the areas we travel. For $229 there’s a 32GB version from RW that may also suit us well.


It’s a bit cumbersome. Using the app, I had to put in the zip code of each Walmart within driving distance. I found 2 stores that way that had one. One of them agreed to hold one for me. Billg, where are you located?


I don’t think RW’s willingness to work with a customer who has poor GSM service is dependent on where you buy the phone. The main thing is the phone has to have CDMA capability which the G5+ does.

On the other hand, if you are sure that you want to stay with the current CDMA provider, then ordering from RW (using a zip code in the coverage checker that shows CDMA but not GSM coverage) will get you CDMA coverage right off the bat.


Thank you Royrose for clarifying this point. I wanted to try the GSM carrier, but if it didn’t work out some way to go back to the CDMA. I was able purchase one if these G5+ phones at $199. (The Walmart clerk quoted me $299, and was amazed after he scanned it and discovered the lower price!)

Time for a new phone. Which one?

I picked up my phone today. It was a bit of an adventure. The first store that held one for me actually only had the 32GB version which was not on sale. We drove another 20 minutes to the store in Brighton, CO and got one of three 64GB phones that they had there. Fortunately, we still made it to the Broncos/Raiders game on time (and the Broncos squeaked out a win). :smile:

It sure is bigger than my old Moto X. I’m glad that I was able to get the G5+ at a reasonable price rather than the even bigger new G5S+


For those who can’t find one discounted at Walmart, most sellers are now discounting the 64GB version to $269 and the 32GB version to $219. That makes sense since the stores now are selling the G5S+ at the old price of the G5+. Of course, if you buy at those stroes you have to get a $5 sim from RW.

The RW store isn’t keeping up, still selling the G5+ at $299/$229 and not offering the G5S+.


Where can you check inventory?


Using the Walmart app, search for “468426732” or “Motorola Moto G5 Plus 64GB”

The results will show availability on Towards the top of the screen, choose “at your store”. Chances are it will say “We found zero results”. At the bottom of the screen choose “change store” and then enter the zip code of another store in your area. You have to keep repeating this procedure with all zip codes in your area until you find one in stock or run out of options. Where do you live?


Do I have to use the app? Or would I be able to use the website? I didnt have any luck using the website with those tips. I am north of Atlanta.


Hi @kyles.208qoz,

If you’ll DM me a couple of Zip codes to test, I’ll see if I can find any stores still showing availability. (Or post here if you don’t mind the world knowing where you are.)


I haven’t found a way to search store inventory on the web site, so the app is the only way I know to do it. I tried a few in and north of Atlanta. No luck.

Seems pretty close to being sold out nationwide at the clearance price. Still one or two in Brighton, Colorado for some reason, so if you keep searching you might find one somewhere.


I found the item in the Walmart app but I don’t see any options for “at your store” anywhere on the item page. Where is this option?

I even allowed it to find my location using Location Services, but I still don’t see anything on the page related to store info.

I figured it out. Thanks.