Moto G5 Plus 64GB = $199 @ Walmart


Thank you @southpaw and @royrose for your help here. I have given up trying to find that deal. Now waiting for the next one :slight_smile:


G5S Plus is a worthy phone to look at instead of waiting on clearance pricing on a g5 plus.

Only disadvantage right now for the G5S Plus is that it can only work with RW’s GSM partner while the G5 plus has the flexibility to be put on the GSM or CDMA coverage depending on which one works
best in your area of usage.


There is some confusion about this. Moto’s own site lists it as CDMA capable and specifically lists Sprint as one of the carriers.

To me the biggest disadvantage is that with a larger screen size but same size battery, daily battery life could be a little shorter.


The Moto G5S+ is CDMA capable, however we are not currently able to support it for CDMA. We have a temporary, technical obstacle to overcome before we can do so.


I found one of these phones listed at a store about 15 miles away so I found myself driving there this afternoon. Either the employees didn’t know how to find it or it was the display model. That’s what they told me, but they didn’t sound too convincing. I’m assuming that others who bought this got new sealed packages?


Yes, the phone was in a new sealed box that was kept in a locked cabinet (behind the counter at the cell phone area) with other inventory.


The cameras are different too and the first reviews of the new device indicate that the original G5+ camera is superior. If the camera is important, this is another disadvantage.


Good point!..I wonder if the same issue will afflict the upcoming X4 as well


That’s what I assumed. I think the employees that I dealt with just didn’t know how or where to look for this device.


Just picked up two Moto G5+ phones at Walmart for $154 each! They didn’t have them on display…just tucked away in one of their locked drawers. Waiting on SIM cards from RW now.


And those were the 64gb models. Essentially a 2 for 1 sale for me. You can’t beat that.


The 64GB version is still available at 38% of the Walmart stores. I see it as low as $74 by entering random zip codes.


How did you find them? Walmart website? And they were available within your area?

I put in my zipcode and none available within 50 miles.


You have to ask about them at the phone counter at your Walmart. They don’t have them on display. I think I did a search in Google for “Moto G5 Plus sale price” or something like that. I noticed Costco has dropped the price on the 32gb model they carry. I think it is $169 now which is more than I paid for the 64gb model.