Moto G5 Plus 64GB/4GB Amazon Prime Day deal (has lockscreen ads and offers)

If anyone is an Amazon Prime member, you can get the Moto G5 Plus in Lunar Gray, 64GB/4GB model, for $179.99 (plus taxes, if they apply). That seems REALLY cheap! It’s the Prime edition, with the lockscreen ads and stuff, and if you’re a reckless techie like me, you might be disappointed that you can’t unlock the bootloader and root, but this seems like quite the deal. No idea how long it’ll last. Hopefully there are some nightowls that wanna check it out.


Love the moniker @jumphour. It seems you’re always in go mode.

Thanks for sharing this tip on Amazon Prime Day – July 11, 2017.

We appreciate your trust in Republic Wireless.

My zip code says BYOP is not available where I am. Am I correct that buying a phone from Amazon would only use T-Mobile’s network, and if I would be better served by Sprint, then I have to buy directly from Republic? That’s what I gather from Community posts, but I don’t really see it spelled out on the official pages.

You are correct. Republic believes provisioning with its GSM partner (whom you’ve correctly identified) would provide an inferior coverage experience and that its’ CDMA partner (Sprint) would provide a good coverage experience. Republic does not yet have the ability to offer bring your own phone provisioned with Sprint, therefore, it’s best (for you) to purchase from Republic directly.

Can I get the Moto G5 unlocked on Amazon and then put my Republic Moto G 4 sim card in it?

It depends on which of Republic’s cellular partners your G4 is provisioned with. What happens if you dial *#*#786#*#* as if making a call but do not hit send? Does nothing happen or are you presented with a “Sprint DM” menu?

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If the Moto G4 is already on the GSM partners {T-Mobile} backbone they Yes
If your Moto G4 is using the CDMA partner {Sprint} then no you will need a BYOD GSM SIM (which Amazon does carry)
Amazon’s Republic SIM

Hi @jeffw.8d9lvb,

If the SIM card is a GSM SIM card, this process works but is not ideal.
If the SIM card is a CDMA SIM card, it will not work.

Can I get the Amazon G5 and then purchase a sim card from Republic?

Hi @jeffw.8d9lvb,

Yes, however, your coverage may change depending upon which of Republic’s partner’s your G4 is provisioned with. As @drm186 points out, you may also purchase a Republic SIM from Amazon.

More on the coverage conundrum here:

You can always buy a SIM card from Republic Wireless, but you might want to check coverage first:

We do sell the SIM card on our BYOP page. It is the GSM SIM card. If you find that the coverage provided with the GSM SIM card is inadequate in your area, please open a support ticket. If our support team determines your coverage would be improved by changing the SIM card, they will take care of that for you, since the G5 is a phone that can support that change.

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I’ve seen the Amazon Prime Day ad for the Moto G5 Plus. A great deal for sure. But the model number on Amazon (01118NAAZN) does not match the model number Republic says it supports (XT1687). The latter is no longer available on Amazon. I would like to upgrade my phone with this deal but don’t want to buy something not supported by Republic. Can you confirm that the Amazon model will not work?

That phone will work on RW. Just make sure that BYOP is supported in your area

The model number noted is actually the Manufacturer’s SKU number which is
01118NAAZN for the Amazon specific version and
01108NARTL for the Standard version

I bought the standard version from Amazon and it works fine on RW.

If you look at listing for the same SKU on other websites such as B & H
You will see the model number XT1687 also listed in the description.


[quote=“southpaw, post:9, topic:10431”]
If the SIM card is a GSM SIM card, this process works but is not ideal.
[/quote]Would you car to elaborate for the many of us who may be in the same situation in the future? May be near future for some of us. Thank you.

Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

We have a concept here of “user experience,” and we want the user experience to be as ideal as we can possibly make it. Moving the SIM card is not the best user experience, for a variety of reasons. It’s more prone to error during activation, and doesn’t always update correctly in our system. So, as an example, you might move the SIM card, then look in the Account portal and see that the phone we show as activated is the one that used to host the SIM rather than the new host.

Moving the GSM SIM most likely won’t have catastrophic consequences, but for best results, use a fresh SIM card when changing phones.

Thanks for info. I’d been wondering if the Device ID or IMEI would be updated in the RW system or account portal If it’s not updated in the account portal is there any way Support would be able to provide the IMEI if needed? If not it would be a good idea for members to keep their own record of their IMEI.

What you see in the Account portal is usually what we see in our account management tools.

Oh my gosh, yes. It would be wonderful if members would keep a record of their IMEI, their screenlock PIN, their account password, even remember what E-mail address they used when they set up the account.


That was my thought this morning about what ifs.

Planning on selling one of my 3.0 phones currently using RWs GSM service and using that SIM card in another of my 3.0 phones. Would not want the new owner to have the phone inadvertently blacklisted one day in the future.

If a 3.0 phone on a RW 3.0 plan is reported to Support as being lost/stolen will the IMEI currently in the Account portal and/or in your account management tools be added to the national database of blacklisted phones?

Is there a possible a previously used phone on a RW plan would get blacklisted rather than the one reported lost/stolen? Would this be a possibility limited to RW due to technical issues or a common occurrence with all providers? Will this be fixed?

If a member swaps phones using aSIM already activated on RW and notices the phone’s ID/account information differ will RW Support send out a new SIM card if requested? Could support change IMEI in your system to reflect current phone being used?


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

There is really no cause for alarm. For the best experience, we advise a new SIM. That doesn’t mean moving a SIM will result in catastrophe. (Last week I ate some horseradish that’s still hanging out in my fridge even though it says “Best by” and a date that’s about six months old, and I’m ok. It didn’t have a lot of flavor, but nothing bad happened.)

Last night I moved a SIM from the E4 I had been testing to my own X Pure. (When employees test a phone, they must commit to making it their primary phone for a period of time, so my X Pure had been de-activated during testing.)

The activation had no glitches. My account shows that I’m using an X Pure with the correct device ID. It is also correct in our backend system. When I say it’s better to get a fresh SIM, I’m not guaranteeing something will go wrong if you don’t. It’s just like that “Best by” date on my horseradish, if you want the best experience, get a fresh SIM and some fresh horseradish. (And no, I don’t get paid based on number of SIM cards sold.)

Yes we’re constantly improving and fixing things. It even looks like the specific concern I named has been resolved.

I did not know this simple bit of advice would cause so much anxiety. Why are you planning to move the SIM? Can you help me understand why that is important to you? I’ll be glad to send you a fresh SIM card right now, if it’s a matter of simply saving $5.

I can’t speak for how every single agent would respond to that request, but yes, it’s a reasonable request and something I would expect us to honor. If you make that request and are told no, just send me the ticket number and I’ll take care of it.

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