Moto G5 plus began repeatedly and continuously rebooting


What phone do you have? Moto G5 plus

What plan are you on? .5 gig per month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk, text and data

Issue Description

Today my phone started repeatedly rebooting. I can’t get onto my phone and i can’t just get it to power off either. This is happening without the case, just sitting on a table. Buttons don’t seem to be stuck. The only thing that is new is that i did the phone update yesterday afternoon, but the phone was working well in the morning. i have not added any new apps for months and i regularly use the Advanced System Care cleaner and antivirus.
The only other observation i can make is that the fingerprint reader has become non-responsive.
Please Help!


My Moto X did the same last week.
Seems like - via search results - this is happening to a wide user set.
I followed the Wipe Cache Partition process, and have not had the ambient-reboot since.
NOTE: The process requires some scroll & select steps that are adjacent to some serious reset options. Move slowly.


I had been advised to wipe my phone back to factory settings and it seems to have worked. :blush:


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