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My family uses the moto g5 plus phones that were purchased through RW. I can buy and unlocked one cheaper on line but when I check the the availability for my zip code it says I can’t bring my own phone. Why not if I buy the exact same phone?


BYOD Generally uses the GSM partner vs the CDMA partner. So if you are seeing this it might be because you have poor service with the GSM partner.

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Bring your own phone ALWAYS uses the GSM partner. Republic does not sell stand alone CDMA SIM cards. The only way to get a CDMA SIM card for a bring your own phone, is through a help ticket, and only after it has been determined that will work with your phone and be the best coverage for you.

This is done ahead of time when you order the phone directly from Republic.

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what is the difference in CDMA and GSM?


In the case of Republic Wireless, it is the technology used by the underlying cellular carrier:

CDMA = Sprint cellular
GSM = T-Mobile cellular

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