Moto G5 Plus Camera is slow to snap

Ok - All of these articles have come out saying how fast and “snappy” of a camera the G5 Plus has…in fact, so fast that you will never miss pictures. Something weird is going on with my wife’s new G5. Regardless of whether we use the shutter button or “click anywhere” option, we attempt to snap a picture and the screen just keeps going on its normal focusing/viewing routine for about 4 or 5 seconds and then decides it will snap the pic. After the initial picture is taken, it will respond faster to follow up snaps, but this delay is not only infuriating, but when you ask someone to take a picture for you, they stand there clicking the screen saying, “nothing is happening!” and then they attempt to hand you your phone only to have it snap a picture of their hand several seconds later. We have/had both Moto E2 and G3 phones, so we’re very familiar with the Moto camera app and have never had these problems with our past phones. You open the app, click the screen, and boom - the photo is captured. Not so much on the G5. I keep thinking that it’s doing some sort of auto-focusing, causing the delay, but why such a delay when the older models didn’t have that? I can’t find any advanced option menu for the camera, either, and we’ve tried both enabling and disabling HDR, thinking that was part of the problem. None of the settings we change seem to make a difference. The better camera is one of the reasons my wife wanted to upgrade to the G5 (from E2) to start with! Is it time to return it before our 15 days are up? HELP!!!

I find that with HDR turn on my Moto X 2nd take forever to take a picture if your camera has this setting on try turning it off and checking the response time

That was the first thing I tried and it still takes forever. I can’t figure out why since my G3 is so fast to take a picture, every time. All of the articles about the G5 brag about how fast it is to snap a pic! Am I doing something wrong?

the next thing I would try would be to clear the cache of the app (setting/apps/all/camera at least in Lollipop OS)

if this doesn’t improve you may need to see what Motorola support says

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I haven’t tried clearing the cache, yet, but the phone is brand spankin’ new. I mean all we did was load all of her apps and pretty much nothing else. That being said, the phone might be caching the app installers, but with 4G of RAM and 64G of storage space, I would think none of that would be a factor. Maybe we should try a 3rd party camera app?

Ok - problem solved. I realized that we had the phone set to use her (slow) SD card as native memory, and media - specifically photos - were being stored here by default. As soon as I moved the default media storage to the true native flash, everything started working much more quickly. Her phone is still encrypted (which is a good thing), and I really don’t want to disable it by reformatting completely, but I don’t know how much that is affecting performance. Might there be a 100ms delay in snapping a photo because of it? Maybe, but she/I can live with that knowing that encryption is enabled.


I’m facing the same problems. Could you please tell me how you resolved this? I mean, where you changed the storage location. The storage option on my camera is greyed out to phone.

I don’t have her phone in front of me right now, so this is all from memory (and it was a few weeks ago). I know for sure the setting was not within the camera as I also saw that setting greyed out. Within settings->storage there was some way I was able to move media from the memory card back to the built-in memory. Try going to that menu and clicking into the external card and then you should see some listing of types of files stored on the external card. If you click on these, or maybe some menu setting, there was an option to move them back to the internal memory. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll try to remember to try it on her phone and then post tonight or this weekend.

Option 1 : Settings > Storage > Internal Shared Storage > three little dots top right corner > Migrate Data
This will move image storage from SD to Internal.

Option 2 : Install a Class 10 U3 micro SD card. I tried using a Class 10 U1 card and it was too slow. No problems after replacing it with a Class 10 U3.

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