Moto G5 plus can't access data settings to freeze cell data

Moto G5 Plus

I had 1GB data plan, but I just re-activated my spare (previous) phone, a MotoX 1st gen - which worked really well for about 7 years. In the new activation, I opted for .5 gb data. I am presently using my MotoX 1st gen as my phone until I can get this sorted out, because I don’t want to waste all my cell data for no reason. Until this gets fixed, I have to keep the G5+ in reserve and just use it as a WiFi terminal./camera etc., not a cell phone.

Over the last few days, when using the G5plus, if I click on the Republic App and try to go in to ‘data settings’, it doesn’t give me the page where I can freeze data - I can’t access the page that gives me that option. I was forced to leave cell data enabled. earlier tonight I opened Google Duo on the G5+, , the video chat app, and becuase I couldnt freeze cell data, Duo gobbled up 400 mb in an hour of video chatting, using up almost all my remaining data for the month.

Does my G5+ have malware that is accessing cell data?

Right around the same time, my G5+ power button broke. It doesn’t stick out from the body of the phone anymore, it is flush with the surface of the phone and pushing it doesn’t do anything. I don’t want to turn the phone off or let the battery die because if the power button doesn’t work I may never get it to turn on again, and it has info on it that I need.

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