Moto G5 Plus casting worked but not now

When my phone was just out of the box I used the casting thru ROKU boxes just fine no issues. Then suddenly casting would not find the ROKU or any other device that worked with the G5. Now all I find to “fix” this problem is buying Chromecast unit, trying some apps, and rootkitting… This appears to me to be a scam just like how the WI-Fi is not always on with my G5 and G4.
I suspect the wi-fi issue is a designed in flaw demanded to be put in by large wireless companies to fight the competition like Republic Wireless but I can’t figure out why this mirroring casting bug is deliberately put in and by whom and what the angle is .

I think you’ll more likely find that the casting option on Rokus is half baked. We’ve got a number in my house and they are eternally flaky with casting to them. Here’s what I’ve found works: 1) Turn off screen mirroring mode on the Roku. Then restart the Roku. Then turn it back on. This has solved the issue about 90% of the time for us.

The other 10% required the Roku to be factory reset.

One other thing to try, is to make sure that you didn’t accidently refuse a screen mirroring session on your Roku, forever banning the phone.

Here are Roku’s instructions:


Thats not a fix to the problem because moto G5 Plus will not find any other device that is capable of connecting with the phone. Just replaced every TV in my house all capable of connecting with the G5 yet no matter what I try and its not much I can the devices will not show up in the phone, “no devices available” THese are brand new TVs right out of the box 5 of them. Yet other phones connect up just fine.
Logic dictates the phones software is the problem not outside units.

Have you done a restart of the phone?

As In turn it off to the point I have to push and hold the power button to start it again yes I have and I have tried clearing cache and more. THe internet is full of suggestions yet every one I have researched has resulted in total failure.

What are the other steps have you tried then, please?

Coreky this is not a problem specific to my phone its is with all MOTO g5’s. When searching people say it just can’t connect with anything period ever… I know as a fact mine has but only for a very short time. Screwing around with this for hours will more than likely result in a massive waste of time with no result and may end up causing more problems. Unless someone has a proven fix I am not going to be a “lab rat” in the research.
So unless someone has a rock solid fix that lasts I am not interested in any other answer than the right one.

Hi @patrickh.md0xo4,

When people pose a question or problem in the Community, there’s a troubleshooting process, because issues often result from various causes. @louisdi explained what works in his household when the phone and the roku stop communicating.

We can’t know exactly what your issue, and there for your solution, might be without details as to what you’ve already tried and a willingness to try other things. No one is going to have the exact same 5 TVs, Wi-Fi network configuration, and phone apps, settings, and configurations and just know the answer.

I’m moving your thread to “Discussions” since we’re not going to be able to come to an answer to your question without your participation. If you change your mind later and want to work toward a solution that might help you as well as others just let us know.

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It is not a problem with all G5s. It just isn’t. We have two in my household. We use them for casting to Rokus, Amazon Fire TVs, Samsung Smart TVs and Chromecasts all the time. They connect at our house, at friend’s houses, pretty much everywhere. I’ve recommended the phone to dozens of friends and relatives, and haven’t heard this complaint from a single one.

I’m not saying YOUR phone isn’t having an issue, but I can 100% for sure say this isn’t a generic “G5+” issue.

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Fine I’ll allow you to move it thanks for asking first. How about you an “expert” do a little Google’n about this problem before you start in. As you will see everyone with the Moto G5 Plus and other Moto phones have this problem and nobody has a fix that works solid. I saw one where a rootkit fix fixed the problem but it resulted in other problems with the phones functions. As this point I would accept a “I don’t know” not a bunch of questions and “homework” to try and fix it. Unless you have a solid fix stop trying to fix a problem you can’t.

I will not respond to anymore replies that don’t have a solution that fixes my and all the other people with MOTO G5 plus phones.

Well, I’m done with this thread and if you expect help from the community, you may want to tone down the hostility a bit. No one here is paid to help you, they’re doing it to be nice to fellow users. When they get attitude, they tend to go away, as I am now. Best of luck.

If this is a “G5” issue as you describe, shouldn’t you be taking this up with Motorola?

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If not previously done a factory reset may help you. Apparently not all the phones are affected. BTW I would dislike doing a reset as much or more than you. The recommendation comes only as a possible fix.

Your obstinate approach will not serve you well here, if you’re really seeking help with the casting issue. If all you want to do is vent, then vent away.

If you want help in resolving your problem, you should take the proverbial chill pill and replace the vinegar with something a little less distasteful. The people responding to your problem in this forum are users who have proven to be extremely helpful to other users over the course of their tenure here. No one will want to help you if all you’re going to do is snap at their ankles like a rabid rodent.

I, too, have several Roku devices and I, too, can vouch for @louisdi’s comment about how flaky they are in their implementation of casting.

I have found that, when casting fails from my phone, I get the best results from rebooting both my phone AND the Roku, and starting with a clean slate.

We didn’t engineer these phones. We just try to figure out ways to get along with them.

In a perfect world, all companies would implement technical standards in exactly the same way so that all devices would consistently work well with each other. As you have demonstrated, in your own way, this ain’t a perfect world.

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Thank for your positive reply to this question on the Moto 5G Plus. Thinking of upgrading to the Moto 5G Plus, and use Chromecast on my old Moto X (1st Gen).


I have a question about the Roku app. At my ex’s there is a Roku device but I have never really played with it, will experiment next time I am out there.

The question: Does the Roku app have casting built into it?. The reason I ask is because on my MXP/Chromecast, if I cast, let’s say a Netflix program, from the MXP, I get awful results…(buffering, freezing, stuttering, etc.

However, casting from the Netflix app itself provides flawless playback. The same is true for my Chromebook. Using mirroring or casting from the device itself does not work near as well than if I cast through a Chrome OS webpage…(hope that makes sense).

Just throwing out some of the “casting” experience I have had with my Moto phone.

Roku has options in the settings to allow devices to screen cast their content to the Roku. I do it occasionally with my X2 and it has always been a little tricky to connect. But, once connected, it works well for me. If something goes wrong, it seems the quickest way to get it working again is a Roku + phone reboot.

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