Moto G5 plus cell antenna

I read in general discussions that another person was having problems with not having service with this type phone. I have recently switched to your service and prior to switching was able to obtain a limited signal at my rural residence, enough to send and receive texts. I am no longer able to pick, up any signal at all. I am unable to dial the ##786##, My zipcode is 81252. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is pertinent to receiving business texts.

Hi @riettas.cxrxw8!

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I am about to rattle off a bunch of questions so hang on!

Go here and put in your address-not just your ZIP. What does it say? Also, do you have Wi-Fi at your residence? Next, does your phone show any bars of coverage? Have your been able to receive signal anywhere? Finally, who was your previous provider?

I know those were a lot of questions, but hopefully it will help us narrow down the possibilities.

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In addition to the questions that @mb2x asked

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Thank you for responding. I went to the link to provide my address and received this drop down box

Data: Calls & Texts Only

Network connection for voice calls and texts.

Plus, you’ll always have calling, texting, and data anywhere there’s WiFi!

We do have Wi Fi at our residence. When I was with Verizon I was able to maintain 2 bars of coverage at various locations in my home and also at the top of our road. I have not been able to bring up any bars since I switched to Consumer Cellular last week

I downloaded the republic app. Here is the info I received

SIM Type: Unknown

SIM Operato:r 310260

SIM State: Ready

Signal strenght 1

Your statement “since I switched to Consumer Cellular last week” leaves me a bit more confused than my normal state

What was your previous service provider?
RW uses one of 2 network partners, depending on your phone model and SIM type, GSM Tmobile or CDMA Sprint.

If you are in a rural area, then Verizon and maybe ATT cell carriers is most likely your only option to get usable cell signal.

The address you indicated is a Roaming area, meaning on, RW, you will have no cell data, but should have coverage to make and receive calls and texts outdoors.

Hi @riettas.cxrxw8,

If your service is provided by Consumer Cellular, please seek help on their website.

Republic Wireless members will not be able to offer solutions for Consumer Cellular issues.


I apologize, I thought I had been directed to their site. I apologize for the inconvenience and do appreciate your rapid response.

No inconvenience, and no need to apologize, I just didn’t want Republic-specific troubleshooting to waste your time. Good luck finding a solution!

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