Moto G5 plus dropping wifi frequently

What phone do you have?
Moto G5 plus
actually 2 of them, both have same issue. hmmmm.

What plan are you on?
1G plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, includes data.

Issue Description

Have had same phone for a few years. Now we have 2 in our home. As of a software update I noticed lots of data used. Device is dropping wifi frequenty, about once a minute. it reconnects, but not after telling me web page not available, or ‘No network connection’. happens at home and work.
I reviewed topics from lasts year of similar issue.
Is there any fix available?

Try forgetting your Wi-Fi network and then reconnecting. The instruction below may be a little out of date, but it should be close enough to get you in the ballpark. Sometimes this seems to help after major Android updates.

So I have forgotten the network and reconnected. I will see how that works. ( i even have ATT come out and check the lines at home, replaced their router and I changed our devices to use the default SSID to try and go the default route. no difference). i will give this some time to see if this simple fix helps. thank you.

Could you explain what you mean by changing your devices to use the ‘default SSID’?

  • Each band can have only one SSID (unless you set up a guest network), this can be either the default from the router vendor or one that you configure. I have never seen a problem arise by using your own unique SSID.
  • Are you connecting to 5GHZ or 2.4GHZ, the only way I know that users can control this is via a separate SSID for each band (and have seen some devices that no longer allow this)
  • Which Router are you using from AT&T?
  • Could you identify the ‘update’ that changed your behaviour?

-Using the default SSID from the router vendor. (along with their password)
-Using 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ. Router at home recognizes devices for 5G when possible.
-AT&T router is BGW210-700 mfg 6/30/2018
-The ‘update’ was either system update or moving to 8.1.0
I could not say what update. At first I looked at my own device, the ATT hardware, the ATT fiber line, talked with neighbors… so exact update unknown.
At work, it seems to be better behaved after a setting chnge, but it does still happen. Changed settings:
Settings/Security & location/Location/Scanning/WiFi scanning = off
This may be of interest.

Thanks for reference feedback … after reading 25-30 of the user feedbacks on the BGW210-700, it sounds like that particular router may be problematic, but in looking at your “At work, it seems to be better behaved after a setting change, but it does still happen” that may discount the router as the problem.

  • I did note a few user comments pointing towards Chromecast, apparently has/or soon will push a fix … but not all users mentioned CC, so that may not help you

  • I found a couple of hits on their forum where they replaced the BGW210-700 for a fix … They stated the replacement was the 5268AC, and fortunately I have the Pace 5268AC on my ATT Fiber (and it had lousy WiFi, so I just shut them both off and utilize a UniFi® AP HD 802.11ac Wave 2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point

Hi @jamesl.ww2sqd,

Have you been able to convince your Moto G5 to stay connected to your Wi-Fi network?

Not sure what to do. We also have an older G3 on wifi that drops too. Only ATT piece that remains is the buried fiber cable. May ask them to hook up an above ground cable to eliminate this. ATT is only provider. Maybe I can buy a refurbished phone to see if problem can be isolate. Your thoughts?

If you go to a public Wi-Fi location, like McDonalds, do the phones also drop there?

It also drops occasionally at work location in RTP, but my usage is only for a min at a time, unlike home. Flashes of ‘no internet connection’. Is a tool like wifi analyzer reliable? It shows drops quite frequently at home. Both the phone and fiber each report issues when I Google the problem. Gut says it’s the phone upgrade.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone has dropped wifi, just that the test echos that the phone is sending to Google servers, to verify that it has an internet connection, aren’t returning. That could mean that the it is dropping wifi (or that the wifi is dropping), it could mean that the phone remains connection to the wifi but that the internet connection serving the wifi had a hiccup, or it could be the good servers, or something else.

On my work network my phone (not on Republic, an LG V40) shown 8-10 disconnections in Wifi Analyzer. I’m on the device all day, I see no data usage so I just ignore it.


Still having the issue? Have you tried using @jben’s MacroDroid Doze Management macro?

Good luck.


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