Moto G5 Plus - International SIM card ? Italy?

My plan is when I arrive in Italy, have a local cell phone company (TIM service provider) replace my SIMM card (if the Moto G5 Plus has a SIMM card) with an international / ITALY SIMM card for TIM (which should give me 3G/4G/LTE hopefully).

Does this make sense to you experienced G5Plus owners?

What will I lose if they swap out my RW SIMM card?
I hope I still have all my APPS and can still use RW Anywhere messaging plus use 3G/4G etc.

Anyone been to Italy with their G5Plus ?




You won’t have access to Republic services, specifically calling and texting on wifi. You can “fix” this for texting by installing Republic Anywhere on your phone which will give you texting even while using your TIM SIM.

What type of network access you will get is dependent on TIM, but I expect that you’ll get 4G. Your apps will work just as they do in the US, as long as you have data access through TIM or wifi.

Nope, but my mother did just a few months ago with a G4. Worked well.

So I’m back from Italy and here’s how it went with a MotoG5Plus.

I went to a local phone store (Rimini area) and they installed a TIM (carrier) SIMM card for around 25 euros for the month.
NOTE: When they reboot your phone, you must know the password that you entered to bypass your fingerprint sensor !!! That took me 3 days to remember.

Once working, I was able to use the TIM Internet LTE/ 4G network for all emailing, Googling and calling local numbers.
I was able to use RW Anywhere texting to all my US phone numbers, but no SMS messaging (no texting photos).
I had to keep switching back to Android Messenger to text Italian family phone numbers (still no SMS Photo capability).
They recommended using WhatsApp for sending photos - but I didn’t bother.

I ended up having all my photos backed-up to Google Photos and from there just shared daily links to my photos
via texts which worked very well.

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How much data came with your sim card for $25 Euro? Did you get it from a shop at the airport or elsewhere? In Rome?

I’m looking for an option for data only as I will be renting a car and need Google maps to get around.

I have used multiple Motorola phones and most recently an Nexus 5X (all purchased thru RW) on many overseas trips to continental Europe and the UK. For maps/navigating, use the “offline” option within Google Maps to download (prior to your trip) the area/areas that you will visit. My experience has been flawless and I’ve never needed a SIM card. Enjoy!

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