Moto G5 plus not working after Oreo update


My husband and I updated our phones to Oreo 8.1 the other day (both have Moto G5 plus), and since then, he keeps getting errors. One says he needs to update his phone (which he already did) and when he goes update phone, it says it’s current and there are no updates. The other is that he has not activated on Republic service, and he’s not able to send or receive phone calls or texts. He has a ticket in, just wondered if anyone else has had an issue. He tried resetting his phone back, but more and more issues keep popping up.


Can you please have your husband go to Settings – About Phone and then look at what it says there under Software Channel and report that here?


It says Ira


I’m afraid that’s the issue. Whomever sold you this phone sold you a version that was modified for the “LTE in Rural America” alliance of carriers, rather than the factory unlocked version. Republic only supports the factory unlocked version which would show “RETUS” or “AMZN” in the software channel. It’s not going to be possible to get it working properly on Republic moving forward.


It’s been working just fine for several months. He hasn’t gotten a new phone or had an issues until the update, and had been using it on Republic for several months.


Did you move a SIM from another Republic phone to this phone when you originally activated it?


No. He used the Sim he got from Republic


I’m sorry to say it should never have activated, I don’t know why it did. You’ll want to ask support about that but I don’t believe they’ll have any way to fix this moving forward as the build just simply isn’t one that is supported by Republic.

Here’s the language from the phones document found here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help “BYOP Motorola phones will need to be North American unlocked, and on software channel RETUS or AMZ to be compatible with both of our cellular providers.”


He ran a diagnostic test, and it says the phone model is compatible with Republic, but the current Android system version is not. Please install available system updates from your phone’s System Update menu in the Android settings. If you have installed a Developer Preview version of Android (this is rare), that is not supported by Republic and is recommended to be uninstalled.


Right. The physical hardware is compatible. The LRA build is not. Unfortunately, there is no way to move from one build to another.


He’s been using this phone for nearly a year… No issue before.


I get it. Sometimes you get lucky. The update to Oreo caused that luck to run out. Detailed documentation here: What Software Channels are Compatible with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help


He just ordered a new phone from Republic now. Can’t be without a phone for his job.


Sorry that he had this issue. There are a ton on unscrupulous sellers out there selling phones that aren’t really US factory unlocked as if they were. Recently there has been a rash of latin American and Consumer Cellular phones being sold this way. These sellers usually buy the phones in bulk as leftover inventory and then make a nice profit selling them on eBay… Sorry he got caught up in one of these!


Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


Buying used or even new phones off ebay and even Swappa can be very risky.
As mentioned previously, may sellers do not properly list the exact models and software channels they are selling, either unknowingly or deliberately.

Republic requires a very specific exact model and software build devices in-order to be compatible with their service. Most other providers do not. So 9 out of 10 phones that seller ends up selling, results with no issue or contact back from the buyer claiming it is not the model they advertised.

Both ebay and Swappa have a dispute claim process, and work with PayPal, in case a buyer gets something that is not as advertised, broken, or damaged in some way that was not disclosed. or the phone becomes blacklisted up to 180 days after purchase. This is often a long and frustrating process, especially so with ebay.

The best and safest way to be certain you receive a guaranteed compatible device for a particular service provider, is to buy the device direct from said provider…in this case, Republic Wireless. You are free to take the risk to buy one from a third-party, perhaps to save on cost, but it certainly can back to bite you, by no fault of our own even, later down the road.


@louisdi, just to confirm: RW believes that a Moto G5 Plus XT1687 that has Settings --> System --> About Phone --> Software Channel of “lra” is not supposed to work on RW, as discussed here, correct? While it may have worked in the past (e.g. up through Android 8.0.0), this was a lucky accident, we should not be surprised that it does not work now (broken in Android 8.1.0)?

I have an “lra” G5 Plus that is still returnable. It stopped working yesterday, with the identical experience that @miranda reported. Before I return it, I want to be absolutely sure that RW does not intend this phone to work.



The software channel must me retus (retail U.S.) or amz (Amazon) for Motos. You’ll want to return that phone.


@rolandh is correct. That phone was released for a specific set of CDMA carriers in rural places and is not a supported version.


Thank you both for the quick replies.