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This might have been addressed, but I got a new Moto G5 Plus recently, to replace my perfectly serviceable but rather elderly Moto first generation, and after days of google searches, there seems to be no way to activate the ‘notification light’ that I am used to seeing pulsing to let me know I have new messages or voicemail. I gather the light exists, but activating it is very complicated…? Any help would be very welcome!


Motorola replaced the notification light with the on screen Moto display, [only Moto phones with the light are the 1st gen Moto G, and 1st gen Moto E]


Thanks. This saddens me, and feels like two steps forward and one step back, but I appreciate your info.


Hi @cynthiaar,

Some additional info on Moto Display from the source:


Thanks. Appreciate you guys being so quick to respond, even if the answer doesn’t cheer me!


Moto giveth and Moto taketh away. It’s understandably an adjustment leaving behind a feature one has become accustomed to and likes. Hopefully, in time, you’ll become as fond of Moto Display.


Gonna try… but it was so nice to come in the door and see a sort of ‘you’ve got mail’-type notice.


IMO Moto Display is less intrusive during everyday use, especially in classrooms or during meetings. The much softer fade in and out is less distracting than the light blinking.

Of course this is only my opinion, but you should give Moto Display some time to grow on you. A quick wave of your hand can show you your notifications as well if you need them faster than the pulses.


Wait, how do you get the hand thing to work? Maybe I turned something off that should be turned on…


To the best of my knowledge, the hand wave only works on the Moto X and Moto Z series. On the Moto G series and Moto E series, physically moving the phone is required.


Thank you. You guys are so helpful.


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