Moto G5 Plus OK Google Lock Screen


Just got the Moto G5 plus (amazon version) and have been using for a week or so. Love the new phone but I really miss the moto x (1st gen, my former phone) ability to detect when I’m driving and read my incoming text messages to me. I thought the google assistant might fill that gap by now as it can read me messages if I say OK Google read me my messages but this then doesn’t seem to work if the screen is off or locked. I was using the smart lock and set a trusted voice but that made no difference. Had finger print scanning on as well so I disabled that but no difference. At this point I’m looking at 3rd party apps as I’ve seen made google threads about former Moto G phones where this was an issue. Can anyone confirm this is a known limitation of the Moto G5 Plus (no OK Google from lock screen)? Any recommendations for a 3rd party app, doesn’t have to be free as I have a bunch of credits from Google Rewards anyway.


The correct answer in this thread doesn’t mention this not working on your model but it does mention other models and the post pre-dates the release of you model.

Google Groups


We’ve been using Drivemode: Driving interface on our Moto G4. Not sure how it’ll work on the G5+


I just switched to the Moto G5 Plus and it does appear to be a limitation of the phone. It worked on my Nexus 5x and I really miss that feature. I will have to see if there is an app that can help.


I just discovered OK Google does not work to unlock the phone. I’m very disappointed by this as well. Defeats the purpose of Google Assist if I have to pick up the phone.


You have to enable the bypass lock screen setting in the Google Settings.

If it is enabled, and it still does not work, turn it off and delete your Voice Model, re-enable and re-train it, see if that works.

If not, then a recent update may have broken that functionality depending on the lock screen type u are using. (I have seen a few others with moto phones have this issue lately)