Moto G5 plus Oreo


Has ANYONE gotten 8.0 or 8.1 yet?
Should I just resign myself to 7 until I break down and buy a new phone?

When will G5+ update to Oreo 8.*?
Update to G5 Plus by Motorola to 8.0 a lost cause?

I don’t believe there have been an sightings in the US. Latest rumors are that phones in Brazil have been seeing the updates. It’s really a question for Moto and not Republic (Where’s My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process).


My Samsung tablet got 8.0 the other day. Is there something cool and interesting that you’re excited about with Oreo that I should be looking for?


With the G6 already released, I don’t have much hope…From what I have gleaned, we’re not missing much. The 32 bit vs 64 bit fiasco was Lenovo/Motorola’s own doing.


When will the G5+ be updated to Oreo 8.*?


No one here knows. See: Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process


Apparently, Motorola doesn’t know, either.



That sounds about right for Motorola since the Lenovo purchase.


Yep, China doesn’t care as long as it can sell more new phones.



It appears that they’re in the process of releasing it. It seems that it’s a somewhat common practice to not do that all at once, and they’re doing a gradual release, while gaining feedback. Microsoft now does the same thing with major updates to its Windows 10 OS, fwiw.

See: Update on 26/6/2018

P.S. IIRC this “soak testing” hasn’t been without issues, so that could be slowing things down. The good news being that we won’t be just getting Oreo, we’ll be getting the 8.1 release, and it will have gotten a degree of real life bug testing before getting offered to Republic to do their testing.

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Thanks much!


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UPDATE TO 8.0? – the supposed upgrade to 8.0 or 8.1 from 7.0 a lost cause for the G5Plus?
If it won’t be updated, I have bought my last Motorola (Lenovo) brand phone!!


Updates are controlled by the manufacture, in this case Motorola, not R.W.

That model is 1.5 years old now. Released April 2017.
As far as I have read, 8.0 is available for this phone, or at least it was but Moto pulled the update and has not pushed it out again? I am not sure as to its status.
I suggest contacting Motorola Support.


I have beforebut all I get is noncommittal gobbledegook.


Yes that is all you get from Motorola. As long as they keep making the phones with a glass backs
fore get it The old G5+ with its metal back is the way it should be. Even the new G7 so they say still has a glass back. I wish they would go with
Nokia 7.1 It has the latest android an will get all the updates for 2 years. Plus the case is all metal.


Wonder why Nokia 7.1 isn’t offered?


there are several things need for a phone to be supported by Republic at this time

  • one is to have a US/North American version (Republic does not support international models or other carrier versions) (I see reports that the Nokia 7.1 is coming to the US market but no release data (and hopefully they will not be a carrier exclusive) and would not expect republic to support until that happens)
  • another is a OS build that supports google services including the Google play store (the Nokia 7.1 android one version would meet this)
  • another is the Republic app needs to run with out issue on the phone and the phone needs to work with Republic’s hybrid VOIP/Cell system
    *yet another is a relationship with the OEM/Software OEM so if an update breaks republic hybrid System there a channel to republic to feed back into and get it fixed. (Android One version should have this as they do work with Google)
    *there may be be more requirements that are internal to republic and not know to the public.

from the looks of thing the Nokia 7.1 looks like a good candidate for republic support but Republic will not state it supported until Republic states it


From the giant [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED! thread on the Moto Forums:

Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

‎09-06-2018 12:41 PM - last edited on ‎09-17-2018 08:20 AM by Motorola Admin MattForumsMngr Motorola Admin

Hello everyone, I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting Oreo for your Moto G5 Plus and Moto G5. I’m happy to say that we’ve started rolling out the Oreo update in phases for the Moto G5 Plus in India and Brazil and the Moto G5 in Mexico. Please be patient as not all devices in India, Brazil, and Mexico will get the update immediately. Other regions are still pending and will get the update in the future.


NOTE: We mark this as the “solution” so that it’s easy to find. We know that the delivery of software to all owners is the actual solution.


Thanks much! That clarifies things.