Moto G5 Plus - Prime Exclusive Model

Amazon is offering a discounted version of the Moto G5 Plus that comes with lockscreen ads. Would this device be compatible with a Republic Wireless plan?

Hi @nikhilsg,

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t list the manufacturer’s model number, however, if you can verify with them that the model being sold is XT1687, the answer should be yes. Other compatible models with lock screen ads sold by Amazon work with Republic’s service.

The above said, please keep in mind Republic has announced forthcoming support for the G5 PLUS “later this spring” Whether that translates to Amazon’s projected release date of March 31st remains to be seen. I also encourage you to read this before pulling the trigger on a bring your own phone purchase: Republic Wireless Coverage.

When can I buy moto g5 plus from republic? I need to buy 2. Please let me know when it’s availanle

Yes, it would work. If you scroll down to the questions section, you will find:


What model of XT is this?


By Jim on March 24, 2017

best guest is after March 31st, but this is only a guess until Republic make an official announcement (right now it’s just later this Spring

While he is most likely correct, unless Jim is an Amazon or Motorola employee, how would he know for certain? It’s not as if he’s ordered and received a phone Amazon’s not shipping until March 31st at the earliest.

For future reference, the Amazon Prime version of the Moto G5 Plus is the XT1687 model. I’ve purchased it myself and activated it on Republic Wireless without issues.

I hate to piggy back on this thread…but figured if others looked at it they would also wonder. If you have a Republic Wireless phone with a sim card…and I purchase the Amazon Prime Exclusive one…can I just move my sim card from previous phone(moto g 3rd gen)?

the SIMs in Legacy phones will not work in new 3.0 phones as they are CDMA based LTE SIMs which are linked to the Phone and not the account

(the same for CDMA based LTE SIMs in 3.0 phones on Republic CDMA partner (Sprint))

Amazon has the Republic SIM for $5 with Prime Republic Wireless SIM Starter Kit: Cell Phones & Accessories

note all BYOD SIMs are GSM based Republic partner (T-Mobile) these SIMs may be swap between approved 3.0 Phones

I’m looking at buying the Amazon Prime g5 plus, do I also need to purchase the sim card converter??

unless you are already on a GSM 3.0 phone setup you will need to buy a Republic BYOD SIM

the SIM can be punch out to the need size for any of the BYOD phone s(the Moto G5 uses the Nano size (smallest) you will just punch out the need size

This is the XT 1687, as confirmed by the seller:

For just 25 bucks more…you can get the 64GB version…which is an awesome deal if you can stretch your budget. The 64GB also comes with the higher RAM (4GB vs 2GB)

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