Moto G5 Plus quiet off of wifi



What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data, talk and text

Issue Description

<!--- Out and about today and my phone is silent. My fit bit tells me a call is coming in but not my phone. The phone is silent, no ring. Returned home to WiFi and it pings as all of the emails come in. What's the point of paying for a phone if it only works at home. I can call out or read mail when I leave home but it won't go the other way. I assume it's doing it's normal thing of latching onto a WiFi signal and waiting for me to enter a password. So the phone is basically dead for me and it's time to find a phone company that doesn't attempt to put me on WiFi all of the time. I've been told to turn off WiFi when I leave home and than turn it back on when I return. Any other ideals?


First, the wifi behavior of your phone is not altered by Republic and no matter which carrier you were using with your phone, the behavior would be identical. That being said, your phone won’t try to connect to a wifi network unless you’ve manually told it to do so once. If you’re finding it connecting to networks you don’t want it to all you need to do, and you only need to do it once, is go to your wifi settings, hold your finger down on that network name, and hit “forget”. After that your phone won’t auto-connect to that network unless you first manually connect.


Hi @deborahw.smx4oo,

That’s an interesting piece of this puzzle.

Your Fitbit doesn’t have phone service independent of the phone. It is paired with the phone. If the Fitbit was notifying you of a call, then the phone was receiving that call. We just need to figure out why the phone was silent. Did you look at the phone screen when the Fitbit was notifying? Was the screen dark?

If you can do both of these things then it’s not a matter of being dysfunctionally connected to Wi-Fi networks. It sounds like your notifications are silenced when you’re out for some reason. Is there any chance the phone is paired to your car’s Bluetooth?


I placed my finger over the networks that I don’t recognize, it says “connect to Network”. I didn’t.

I’m not automatically connecting to a network when I leave my house. My phone is trying to connect to a network but isn’t because it’s sitting there waiting for me to enter a password. I don’t have a password for networks outside my home. Meanwhile, I don’t think it’s connect to cell since it is trying to connect to a network. So I have a worthless phone.


Old car with no Bluetooth. It is paired to Fit-bit using Bluetooth. This time I didn’t check the phone but will the next time it happens to determine if screen was dark. Thanks


Hi @deborahw.smx4oo,

Have you had a chance to gather any more details about calls when away from Wi-Fi?


No I haven’t but thank you for asking. Haven’t received any calls while out driving.


I was away from home yesterday and wanted to check email. I looked at settings and I was connected to a site with no internet. I had over 20 WiFi sites offered but it was connected to a infinity site. There were many infinity sites and I didn’t write down which one it was. Because I was connected I had no cell service but no WiFi service either because I hadn’t entered a password. I turned WIFI off and got cell service and all of the outstanding emails.

Today inside my home settings is showing 9 unknown WIFI networks, one is xfinitywifi, it along with my own is saved. I say forget but it stays. I’m connected to my own in my home but when I go out it will probably try to connect with an infinity site and just hang waiting for a password which, I should mention, don’t have as I’m using Verizon.


Hi @deborahw.smx4oo,

Instead of looking at the sites that are available when you’re home (it’ll always show you any within range) take a look at your “Saved” networks. (Open the Settings app. tap “Wi-Fi” then the gear :gear: and Saved Networks. See if you can “forget” any Xfinity networks on that list.


Never knew that area existed and I had pages of saved sites from my travels. Didn’t see any xfinity ones but deleted most so hopefully that will fix my problem. Thanks so much.


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