Moto G5 Plus random rebooting



How can I tell if an app is behaving badly or using too many resources?
When I got the phone, there was an automated transfer of the apps from my
old phone, and I haven’t added any.



Apps will normally update automatically, and often this can be the source of a problem.
If you access Google Play on your phone, then My apps & games in the 3 bar menu (top left) a Tab labeled INSTALLED will reveal all the installed apps and their last updated dates.


Thank you, I found the list of the 8 apps updated recently. Maybe the
problem was Messenger, because it wouldn’t open. So I uninstalled it and
reinstalled it. I will monitor to see if I still have rebooting. Thank
you for your help.


Hpe that helps, you may also want to update to the latest Messaging app


I think that is the one I have. The icon is the same.


It just rebooted again – 3rd time today. Just out of the blue.


Is the phone in a case or in a ticket when it happens?




hi @hollyfpk,

Is there any chance the power button is being pressed and held by forces within the pocket? Can you catch the phone spontaneously rebooting if it just sits on a table?


Perhaps – it happens when I am sitting working at the computer, so not
being active, but I will make an effort to leave it lying out as much as
possible, and see what happens. Good possibility. Thanks.

It isn’t really a problem, unless it happens when you are using GPS. Or on
a call LOL.


Setting up the phone to sleep quickly and/or a screen lock may help if it’s a pocket problem.


If you can catch it doing it on its own, when just lying unused, then the next step would be to factory-reset it and refuse to allow Google to restore all those apps, so it can run with no third-party apps. If it then continued to spontaneously reboot, then you are most likely looking at an issue that would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and you’d want to get that taken care of.

We don’t see it often, but it can happen, and that’s what warranties are for.


Sleep and screen lock wouldn’t prevent the phone from rebooting if the power button is being pressed and held by forces in the pocket.


OK, thanks for all the ideas, I will monitor for a few days, hope I don’t
have to do a factory reset, that’s really over my head, to get it all set
up again! Not very phone savvy.


I know… but if the phone needs to be replaced, you’d have to factory reset and prepare to set up a new phone, anyway.


Hey I’ve also had this issue for about a month and I’ve owned the phone for 2. but I’ve never caught my phone rebooting when i’m not using it… it is ALWAYS when i am doing something with it (in the middle of a call, surfing the internet, or playing a game) how do i know which app is causing this? I don’t have any messenger apps or social media apps, other than the texting app that came on the phone. I’ve already factory reset my phone and it helped for about 2 days and after that it went back to rebooting AT LEAST once to 2 times per day! I just want answers! :frowning:


Hi, I have been trying to solve this for a week. I just bought a Moto G5 and I have the same problem, the phone kept rebooting by itself everytime it’s in my pocket and goes in sleep mode. It NEVER happens when you are using the phone.
I installed an application called Wake lock power manager and used a PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK. I got no reboots after using this. Hope this helps.
PS: some users said it’s a common problem caused by android, and there’s is no bug fix.


Yes, it was always in my pocket. I just stopped carrying it in my pocket,
and haven’t had any more problems. It’s a little big for my pocket anyway.



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