Moto G5 Plus read texts to me


One of the features I loved on the Moto X 2nd was if my hands were wet, I could have texts read to me or announce who is calling. Is this feature gone with the G5 Plus. If not, how do I access the feature?


I don’t have a G5+ to check, but your phone has the Moto Help :motohelp: function found in :appsicon:
Here you can find all the features and function with how-to’s … hopefully this will help (and post back your results so the rest of will know )


I have searched for it but cannot find how to use the phone hands free


Yes there is the Android Auto that I found and installed. I have not used it though because I hardly ever drive ( I work from home and he is retired) but when hubby drives and the Moto x 2nd generation is his now. it does announce callers and read texts while I sit in the passenger seat. Try Android Auto and let me know how it works, if it does the job.

That is not what I am asking about though. When I am in the kitchen and wet hands there was a way for moto x 2nd to announce callers (and I could reply or say ignore) and say “read the text” if it was a text message. Just like it did riding in the car.
Somehow that feature was turned off on the x 2nd gen or maybe they even stopped it in an upgrade.
Since you did the exact same upgrade that I did, I am finding the G5 plus a little harder to navigate but then I have only had the new phone 5 days.


Moto’s Device Help is often useful but isn’t the end-all app.

I too browsed and used the search function in DH to no avail. I looked at my Dragon Mobile Assistant and didn’t see any options for your needs. Hopefully a member here has some experience using something that will work for you.



You may want to reach out to Motorola directly via Chat or one of the methods shown here
Hopefully they will know what’s available


It is my understanding the Motorola sold out to Lenovo


this app sort of works…
but not very well.

yep google bought moto and then sold it to lenovo

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Thank you for your time and research. iI just read all the reviews. I use my bluetooth for my Fitbit. So, that brings up another question. Can more than one app be connected to bluetooth?


app or device.
short answer, yes
as long as they are different profiles.
ie. a BT keyboard and a BT mouse
a BT Fitbit and BT headphones
but 2 BT headphones could cause problems…

you can pair a large number of devices, but trying to use 2 of the same profile at the same time can cause problems. in the case of 2 BT headphones your trying to use the same profile, you would in this case need to disconnect one in order to use the other and vice versa…
hopefully not too confusing

example I have BT on my laptop, I also have an echo and google home
I can BT cast audio to the echo OR the google home. but not both at the same time…
reason, audio profile…

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Have you tried Google Assistant? You can use it to read text messages to you and reply by voice, as well as many other things.,6720,10165


Thank you once again for your help.


I did not think of the obvious but will certainly try that


I have Moto G4 and was very upset that the other app that used to read me my messages was gone from my Moto G

Anyway one of the other ambassadors told me about DriveMode. Depending on your connection it works fairly well it will read your messages give you the option to reply and it will announce your callers.


Had the chance to try today but Google Assistant did not work.


morethanjustvideo Tell me more, if you do not mind.


Well you will go to Google Play Store and type in DriveMode

It takes a little bit to learn how it works but you just open the app you tap on the microphone button and you say message Betty Boop. Or call Betty Boop

Of course Betty Boop needs to be in your contacts and it has to match exactly

And if you have the app open and someone sends you a text it will announce the name and it will read you the text and it will give you the option to reply or ignore

Since the app is free there’s no harm and downloading it and trying it out


Bonnie, I forgot to add that first of all I do miss the Motorola Assist that came with the earlier Moto G phones I’m so disappointed that app has been removed.

This app you have to initiate it so you would have to open it before getting in the car or before starting to cook or bake or do anything where you know you’re not going to want to touch your phone


Thank you!

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