Moto G5 plus rebooting every 3-4 minutes

What phone do you have? G5 plus
What plan are you on? My choice +3GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both

Issue Description

Phone just started randomly reboot every 3-4 minutes. No new apps or drops on the floor. I fully charged it and turned off for the night. The reboot is happening more frequently today than yesterday. not really sure if I can call it a reboot. It goes Hello, moto, lenova then back to main screen continuously.

That is a reboot. Try safe mode. It is probably some app that got in a bad state and is causing the phone to reboot to protect itself.


Hi @josephk.d24e12,

Were you able to get the phone to stop rebooting?

I performed factory reset. All is well although time-consuming.


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