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I got a new phone last week and ever since I activated it I have been receiving messages for a system update. I downloaded and installed the first update, and it says it was successful. However, 5-6 times a day I still receive this same message for a system update. I have tried downloading and installing it again several times, and I still get the same message telling me I need the update. Even after I download and install it and it tells me it was successful, I check under the “about phone” tab to see if I’m up to date, and it says I’m not. I have tried ignoring the message and I’ve tried turning the phone on and off, but nothing is working. I still receive the same message telling me about the new update. How can I make this notification go away and ensure my phone is up to date?


There have been several security patch updates to the G5+

Under About Phone…look for the "Android security patch level"
is it being incremented when you perform the update…or is it staying at the same date?


Currently under the Security Patch Level, it lists the date August 1, 2017.


Mine is up to Jan 1, 2018.


If you are still seeing the update message…please go through the update and check if that Security Patch Level moves to a later update. My Moto G5+ is also at the January 1, 2018.
So may have a few updates to go before you are fully caught up. But if the date remains the same…then you may need to look at other solutions. One thing that helps before and after
an update is


Last I checked, a G5+ out of the box had 5 updates needed. It may be up to more than that now.


Good morning @brookek.b3k0uo,

Welcome to the updates club. I activated a new G4 about a month ago and had a similar barrage of updates. They can be quite bothersome and seem to pop up or nag at the worst of times.

You can usually get them all done in one sitting by going to Settings - About phone - System updates. and after each update check for the next that would be popping up soon.



So I sat down and did all the updates late last night. I think I am up to date now, the date says January 1, 2018. Thanks for the assistance! I didn’t realize I had to complete so may updates with this phone. I thought it was an error.

* Kudo & Win! *

You’re just one of many who’ve asked the same question. Glad you got your your new phone up to date.



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