Moto G5 Plus sale


Costco is selling the Moto G5 plus for 169.99. Dang, I just missed it. I’ll see if Best Buy will refund me the difference.

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Just make certain you are buying the North America Factory Unlocked model XT1687. A carrier branded version will not be compatible with Republic.



That must be a special being offered by the independent kiosk. Costco’s price on the MG5 Plus is $220 for the U.S. unlocked phone.



I didn’t look at the date on the flier. The sale starts Nov 17 through Nov 27 while supplies last. This bad for me since Best Buy only matches within 14 days.



I don’t think there is a carrier version of the Moto G5+. $170 is a pretty outstanding price for that phone.

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It seems it’s at that price if you factor in the $50 gift card they include. It’s the 2GB ram, 32GB memory version. Republic has a sale going on for the 4GB ram, 64GB memory one. Moto G⁵ Plus | Republic Wireless
$224 looks like a fair value, given what’s normally charged for such a bump in ram and memory. And you don’t have to deal with a gift card. Though you do have to pay ten or more dollars for shipping.



The flier says nothing about a gift card. It says instant savings. $219.99 - $50.00 Your cost $169.99

As to whether or not the extra 54 bucks is worth spending on the 64GB phone, that’s a personal decision. For our usage, I didn’t think the extra memory would be that noticeable.



Edit: I dug into a link I previously searched and I see now I should have read to the end before posting. Sorry about that. Though the original post in that thread does talk about the gift card, by the fifth page of it the sale you talked about got mentioned, and a link provided. You were correct, and I regret confusing the issue. Here’s the link to the sale. Might have to scroll around to see the ad for the Motorola G5+.


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