Moto G5 plus - screen has no color except light blue, green and yellow

Moto G5 Plus

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** just talk & text?**

Issue Description

My phone screen lost color except For light blue, green and yellow. I don’t where to start to correct problem.

Sounds like a hardware failure. Try contacting Motorola.

Hi @dennism.4fy7os,

Have you rebooted the phone since this began?

yes, I tried rebooting. Didn’t solve problem.

Try running the Moto Help app…the one that looks lik has an icon that looks like :question:

Is Night Light enabled? That will make the screen a very amber or yellow…

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You might take a look in settings > developer options, and make sure “simulate color space” is disabled. If you don’t have developer options in your settings app, then disregard this suggestion, because without that setting available, this wouldn’t be the cause.

Have you tried rebooting into safe mode to see if an app is causing your issue?

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No. I turned off; didn’t solve problem.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Ended up doing a factory reset on phone. The factory reset install a new operating system on phone. Color has been restored, phone operating great.

Thanks again


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