Moto G5 Plus - SIM card questions

Just went through the same thing…

Republic bounced my ticket to the forum and the forum bounced it back to the helpdesk and still have not heard back for 3 days.

So packed it up and sent it back.

Might have been a bad batch of phones??

We have 4 lines with Republic for a few years now and this is the very 1st issue we have had, rather disappointed in the lack of direct assistance but they made the return super easy!
I know disappointing it can be but can’t imagine the frustration of having to go on vacation without your phone, hopefully the old one hangs on a little longer for you.
We’re going to reorder a new phone as soon as the return credit clears.
Best of luck to you and enjoy the time away, unplugged isn’t all bad :slight_smile:

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Hi @ajw509!

Oh no! I am sorry to hear about that! That’s definitely not how Republic want their customers to feel. If you ever go a day without a response on a ticket, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Ambassadors or Republic staff in the community.

Was your phone an E2 as well?


Hi @ajw509,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and I’m very confused about what you’ve written. Is there any chance someone else in your family also replies on your tickets? I’m seeing several interactions back and forth, with a reply from Brett on Monday morning that is still awaiting your response.

If you didn’t see the E-mail, you should be able to view the ticket in the Account portal, here:

I’m also confused by what your issue actually was based on what’s in your ticket. Did you not receive a SIM card? For our new phones, it comes in a breakaway format that looks like a credit card, and you pop out the right size piece for the phone you received.

Please DM me when you are ready to order the new phone so we can take care of the shipping cost for you.


Moto G5 Plus. The 4 lines I have are all for my children and yes it is possible someone was speaking in my place.Looking at adding a couple more for my parents as well.
To be honest, the only thing I know for sure about what happened is the error message across the screen read no simm card emergency use only.The only pop out piece of the credit card looked like an SD card size as well as shape and ended up stuck in that slot.
To be clear on the next Moto G5 Plus we buy:1. Does it come with a simm card or is it supposed to?2. Is this phone plug and play…meaning Can I take it out, charge it, power up, follow the commands onscreen to activate and import and off I go ready to talk text and browse? 3. What actually is the credit card looking item in the box? Does it have something to do with the Phone, Wallet, Keys text from anywhere blog?Not to be a wiseguy but it kinda sounds like I can text from any ATM if I slide this baby in and hey, no fees!!! At least that’s how my 47 year old mind connects those dots.4. Are there clear instructions packed with the phone on set up and activation. I didn’t open the one we had trouble with, my 22 year old daughter did. Did we miss something? I remember seeing the card that said This phone won’t work, yet…Thought it was a piece of literature to keep people from stealing them out of the Republic boxes.5. If the credit card has a break away Simm card, where do I put it(I know what you’re thinking right now, I might be too at this point if I were you!), do I have to take the phone apart?
Please bear with me on this and understand I’m not trying to be a jackass or wiseguy, I simply do not understand the process.
Republic has been a god send to my family and I have had nothing but great service and results. My intention is to keep expanding my Republic family with more phones as we go. It has taught my children a little data disipline as well, LOVE that!! It’s turned into competition to them to see who can use the least cell data and get the biggest refund and they all get the billing emails to compare notes, I love that too. Republic just keeps making things better and I’m happy with the coverage from the Great North Woods of Wisconsin to New York city out to Vegas and back to Atlanta never missed a call or text.
Thanks for your response and your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Good morning @ajw509,

First, I’ve moved your post and its replies to its own topic. The topic where you had repiied is somewhat different. That member bought a Moto E (2nd Gen) from us and those phones should be shipped with the SIM card installed because the SIM card has to be paired to the specific phone. Our newer phones no longer require us to install the SIM card, so we have moved away from doing so to reduce our handling of your phones. You wouldn’t believe how many people will write in quite angry because they received a phone with “a fingerprint” on it, and are certain that they received a used phone. It’s far better if we don’t even touch the new phones before they reach the members.
So to answer your first question:

Yes, when you buy the phone from us, the SIM card is included, though it may not be pre-installed.

Well, no. For most of our new phones, you will also have to install the SIM card.

SIM cards are tiny little things. They come on that credit-card size carrier, not so you can text from your ATM (but I’ll pass that idea along) but so they are less likely to get lost in the box, or even in our facilities. The three-sizes-in-one configuration is far more efficient for us as far as ordering, stocking, and sending one style of card to all our members.

Here are some images to help illustrate how the SIM card can be removed from the carrier in different sizes.

Here, the “standard” size SIM break-away is outlined:


Here, the “micro” size SIM break-away is outlined:


Here the “nano” size SIM break-away is outlined:


The Moto G5+ requires the “nano” or smallest of the three pop-out sizes.


While the phones sit on the shelves awaiting purchase, sometimes the manufacturer releases an update. Those phones do not get updated until you buy the phone, boot it up, and start obeying all the prompts and commands it presents. This is one reason we don’t print up a step-by-step set-up manual. By the time you open the phone, something about the set up process may very well have changed. We can offer help online, and we can create help documentation online that we can easily update as needed, but if we print documentation and ship it with the phones, we can’t come around and update that printed material when a step or two in the process changes due to an update. That’s why you found that card in the box. It was pointing you to the online activation guide.

This is an excellent question (and no, my mind did not go there.) It seems the G5+ in particular is the most challenging of our phones (so far) for SIM Card installation. Here is the official support guide from Motorola:■■■■

But maybe we can find a good video demonstrating installation, before you get the new phone.

Thank you for all the very kind words, as well.


Just to make the instructions for inserting the SIM in the G5+ more confusing, Motorola shows the SIM tray for the international version (which can use two SIM cards) at that link instead of the North America version (which just has one).

You’ll find a graphic that shows the correct version for US phones here:


Thank you Andreas!

Now onto Republic…
I was not informed my email would be made public on the forums!!! Not cool at all.
I certainly am not afraid of looking ignorant at all in this regard, however it would have been nice to know I was speaking to the community rather than 1 person. My response would have been the same but none the less it feels deceptive!

Bottom line here is that I’m willing to pay more for ease of use than have to cut out Simm cards and size them up and trim here and there.
Republic has been so good to our family in the past that I was actually looking at giving my parent 2 phones as well to get them in touch with us.
If they have to deal with this to set up the phones, I’ll get them back in a box saying , no thank you!
Trying to get my best friends family on board as well and after this he’s like, "I’ll stick with no reception and stick with straight talk you always have your phone anyway if we need it"
It’s hard to be a brand ambassador at this rate.
I never thought I’d that guy that give tech to my kids and asks for help…I was always the kid that got things going…
How times change, but Republics service and quality shouldn’t, lots of fish in the sea.

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Another fellow Republic Wireless Forum member; you need to reach out and ask your Moto G5 Plus Sim Card question by talking directly to Republic Wireless online chat; they should be able to help you to better directly resolve your potential Sim card issues that you may be experiencing; please let us know how if they were able to ultimately resolve your specific issues as you have described them; as I am sure their are others are in the same identical situation as you have explained.

Thanks. Where do I find their online chat?

Hi @jimp.i3jqmz,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. As you already have an open ticket, it would be best to reestablish communication on that. You should see that open ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

If still no further response there from staff, would you be willing to share your ticket number with us. No personal information will be divulged. With that information, I or another Ambassador can raise an inquiry with staff regarding your open ticket.

This is not how it works. The cards are precut in to the three possible sizes. You just select the one that you need.

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I’m confused. Are you saying you did not realize that when you created your original post here, you were doing so in a public forum? Nothing in your ticket with Republic support has been posted here.

“Thanks. Where do I find their online chat?”

Another fellow Republic Wireless Forum member; you need to reach out and ask your Moto G5 Plus Sim Card question by talking directly to Republic Wireless online chat; they should be able to help you to better directly resolve your potential Sim card issues that you may be experiencing; please let us know how if they were able to ultimately resolve your specific issues as you have described them; as I am sure their are others are in the same identical situation as you have explained.

click the above provided link and then click on the blue chat online button; this will initiate the online chat request.

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When replies are posted in a thread, the OP receives them by E-mail. (This is why it is so important that we not reply to off-topic posts, since those replies can be very confusing when read out of context in E-mail by the OP.) That E-mail offers a two options: “visit the topic” or “reply”. It is not obvious that “reply” means “reply publicly in the thread.” It could be understood as “reply privately to this person” using something like craigslist uses to let people write back and forth without revealing their E-mail addresses.


Thank you for pointing out that the “reply” option is not clear. I will look into whether this platform allows us to edit the message that is sent to make it very obvious that it means “reply in the Community thread.” I’m very sorry it surprised you, and if you want any content here removed, just let me know.

Don’t want to add to any confusion, but I did want to share with you my experience with getting my Moto G5 Plus (which I do love).

I was replacing my 1st Gen MotoG with the G5 Plus. Mine came in the fancy dancy green box, as all Republic phones do. Opened the box to find the amusing “This Phone Does Not Work (yet)” card and the phone box under that. I opened the phone box to see my fresh new G5 Plus along with the punched out the Sim card. For mine, it was already installed. I booted it up right away (I know the instructions say to charge it first, but I don’t listen to instructions when it comes to electronics). I updated everything on the phone and then activated through the Republic app. I’ve been using mine since early April and been very happy with it! :slight_smile: If you have any other questions about the phone I’d be happy to answer those as well.

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Thank you very much for all of the wonderful assistance you have provided :)We’ll order up the new phones and if we run into any issues jump back here for a little more help.The customer service is great. Please leave all of the content available as well, I’m sure there will be questions this may help address better in it’s entirety than to be edited at all. I can take my lumps as needed as long as it helps out the Republic community
Thanks again, we’ll be in touch…

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My sim only had one cut out I checked it real close, there was no way to cut mine down anymore. Maybe it was an old pre nano card.

Hi @phillipj,

May I ask where the SIM, in question, originated?

If it is a Republic SIM kit, it’s indeed die cut for standard, micro and nano sizes as illustrated by Republic here: Installing Your SIM Card – Republic Help. There is no smaller size than a nano SIM.

The only old Republic SIM would have to come from a legacy phone (Moto E2, G3, X1, X2) SIMs from any of these phones are specific to the device. They will not work in new Republic 3.0 phones.


here is the Republic SIM (In the full credit card size)
the Smalls white out line around the metal contacts is the nano size
the next size up is the middle out line this is the micro size
the larger out line is the full size (which non of Republic phones use)

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