Moto G5 Plus Sleeping problem

I have my sleep mode set to 30 minutes. I use a metronome app, and after a minute or so, the phone goes back to the locked screen, I have to swipe up and tap the app again to get back into the app.

How can I make my phone stay open on that screen?

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    • Are you at home on WiFi? … Y / N
    • Your phone is on the charger? … Y / N
      • If No then try using your app with the phone on the charger
    • To allow possible testing by other users, what is the name of the metronome app?
      • If you provide the link from Google Play Store it -would be beneficial
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sleep mode or screen timeout?

You know, I am not sure. I would like to close this question, because it is intermittent, and I can’t figure out when it happens, and I just don’t have time right now to pursue it. Thank you to mineakey and jben for replying.


Understood, if something comes up and you are able to gather any more data, this discussion will still be alive for 30 days after the last entry from you or the community.

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