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This is my husband’s phone. He’s had it for a couple of years. In the past month he has had some callers say their call goes straight to his voicemail. The phone does not ring, and there is no notification of a call coming in. Then, the supposed voicemail left by caller is not to be found. This is husband’s work phone. Please help.

We’ve restarted the phone several times.
He’s changed his voicemail message to say “Please leave a text because I’m having trouble with my phone.”

I’m so sorry that after nearly a month no one has responded to your post. I hope you still aren’t having the issue. Is everything back to normal?

Thank you for reaching out. YES, the problem is still present. Our adaptation is my husband’s voicemail says something like, “I am having trouble with my phone, many incoming calls are going directly to voicemail. If you are listening to this message and need to reach me, please text me.”
Just 3 days ago I called him, heard this message, texted him, he called me right back, and stated the phone never rang, even though not on silent.
This issue doesn’t happen all the time. Very strange and discouraging.

Now my phone is having the app crashing RW website has clearly explained as a google issue to fix. I am discouraged…but will patiently await the fix. I could not uninstall “Android System WebView” - only options are disable and force stop. I don’t know which one to choose for a temporary app fix.

Thank you.

In this case users have found they can get the crashing to stop by either uninstalling the updates to Chrome or if that’s not available, disabling Chrome. These are temporary fixes until Google fixes this problem which is impacting users across all carriers.

I did both of those and I still cannot open my email apps, maybe more…

Google has announced that the issue is resolved. Updating all apps on your phone, through the Google Play Store, should resolve this.

Yes, finally successful fixing the crashing apps on my phone, by completing it this way: Open Play Store, tap on 3 bars in left corner, go to apps and games, choose update all.

STILL remaining on our help list: my husband’s phone and how some calls go straight to voicemail, never ringing for him to pick up. Thank you.

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