Moto G5 Plus sound not working


My moto G5 Plus just stopped playing all sound this morning. Alarms, notifications, media, etc. will not play sound out of my speaker. I’ve restarted it a couple of times, deleted the system cache, and ive tried playing with a couple of the settings but nothing has worked. I’ve looked at other forums and people who have had the same problem said that a factory reset did nothing for them.

I bought this phone back in July and have no problems with it up to this point. Would this still be considered under warranty?


Hi @moose

Have you tried using headphones/earbuds? If so, is there sound?

Your phone comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturer defect. The 12-months start when you receive the phone.


Motorola has a 1 year warranty so it should still be covered by them
I would open the Device Help App ( :motohelp: ) and run though the hardware speaker test ,
Here’s Motorola Support page


johnny5, I plugged my headphones in and yes, sound does come through those.

drm186 I just ran the hardware test. For a second a sound played from the speaker, but then cut off. I ran the test 3 more times after that and no sound came out.


If it’s failing the hardware test then their a hardware failure and Motorola should deal with it under warranty


Sounds good, i’ll run this through them and get it taken care of.

Thank you very much, I appreciate you guys.


Thanks @drm186, this is the ideal use case for the built in :motohelp: Moto Help function.
It is also the reason that I just started a discussion titled: HELP for your Phone - where you need it - on the phone


Hi @moose,

You might also try clearing the cache, as we’ve seen it resolve some audio issues in the past.


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